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10 Tricks to Clean Your Tracfone Phone Storage

Usage of Tracfone Smart Phones is not restricted on calling somebody or sending text messages, many people especially the young persons use their Tracfone phones for fun and games. Thus, in a time or anther they want to download and update new games, apps or programs. Sometimes, they need to take photos but they considerably run out of space for photos. But, here is the problem; they actually face some issues and receive a warning that there is a low memory in their phones and there is no enough space for everything they want to store. What is the solution right now? It is time to clear out some space! Here, we will shed more light and offer you some ways and tricks to save your Tracfone phones storage in the next lines.

Insufficient Storage Error Message
Tracfone Phones Insufficient Storage Error Message

There are many tricks to save some space in your phone to make the most of its storage capacity, and we will give you a hand to manage your phone’s storage in this article. Here are ten tricks and ways may help you:

1- Delete apps you don’t need

To be clear, apps are considered the ideal place to start from, as they have a huge space. Check your Tracfone phone now, you will find a great number of apps that you downloaded and only used them once. You know what to do! Delete or replace them with something better or save a space with very little effort.

2- Hard-to-delete apps

There are some apps that are so hard to be deleted; it takes you more effort and time to delete them. That is because Apple ships the phone with them pre-installed including stocks and game center. But, here is the good news, there will be new apps that will let you delete preinstalled app such as; iOS 10.

3- Discover which apps are taking up most space

Go to Settings > General > Storage and iCloud Usage, then tap Manage Storage in the first section (STORAGE, rather than ICLOUD), this is a handy way to figure, finding out and deleting apps that are taking up the most space in your phone.

4- Delete your old voicemails

Voicemails as usual take up a space on your phone. So, it is the right time to clear them out! It just takes you to define them and press “Delete”, that is all!

5- Delete your texts

Every time you text your friends and your family members it takes up space in your Tracfone phone. Go regularly through your messages and delete the ones that you won’t need, or the other message which bother you.

6- Use apps that save space or Upload Photos

There are some apps that mange you to save a space, like Shutter which saves your photos to an online server, which means that while the photos are saved, they don’t take up any space on your phone. Moreover, these kinds of apps actually are great if you’re taking a lot of photos and videos, especially at a special event or whatever. As well as, you can use an app that automatically uploads photos you take to an online account like Google+ Photos, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or Flickr, and many more.

7- Back up your phone

If you think seriously to save some space on your phone, you should take a step forward and clear it right now. Connect your phone to your computer, then move your photos to your desktop and delete them from your phone. And, plug your USB cord simply into your phone and computer and follow the prompts to move everything you want.

8- Delete useless Documents and Data you don’t need from apps

See how much data is used by your apps, these date is not essential at all; also see the additional documents that are not used. So, delete all of these data and documents, and get more space!

9- Add an SD Card and Move Data There

This way is a good one, if your phone have a microSD card slot, you can purchase a microSD card and insert it into your Tracfone device to gain more storage on your phone.

Deleting useless Apps
Delete useless Apps on your Tracfone Smart Phone

10- Move Apps to the SD Card

There are limited phones allow you to move apps to the SD card to free up space. If your Tracfone phone is one of them, make use of it to get more space.