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4 Tracfone Promo Codes for 60 Minutes Cards – September 2019

4 Tracfone Promo Codes for 60 Minutes Cards - September 2019

The best Tracfone Promo Codes for the 60 minutes airtime card in September 2019. A complete collection of all the verified promotional codes that are available this month. Receive up to 100% extra in addition to the original value of the airtime card (60 minutes).

If you lightly use your Tracfone Sim Card for calling your friends, texting, chatting and surfing the web, then the 60 minute card is a perfect choice for you. Although it doesn’t provide the lowest value per minute when compared to the other options, it’s considered one of the cheapest cards that are available in the market.

There’re four Tracfone promo codes available for 60 minutes Airtime Cards in September 2019

12745 – A verified promo code that adds 60 minutes for free when applied.

It’s the most popular Tracfone Promo Code and the number one choice when it comes to the 60 minutes card. Get double the value for free. Available in 2019.

55698 – Get 20 bonus minutes when you apply this promo.

A good alternative for the other code. Available in September 2019.

22703 – Receive 60 bonus minutes (Works for certain phones).

It might work for certain phones. Available in 2019.

50808 – Get an extra 20 minutes. (Works for certain phones).

A great promotional code in case all the other promo codes didn’t work. Available in 2019.