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  • My family has a total of 6 Tracfones, being 2 Tracfone locked phones and 4 “Bring-your-own-unlocked-device” phones. Yesterday – June 15, 2017 – I used promo code 12745 a total of SIX times!
    I purchased a 60 minutes card for each and every one of those phones and the promo code 12745 worked every time 6 out of 6 !!!
    I even purchased additional airtime for the phones that were far from the expiration date just so I could take advantage of the promo code and get the bonus minutes!
    That was a terrific deal to get 60 minutes totally free for each phone with the purchase of a
    $20./60 min. card that triples! The 60 bonus minutes went toward talk time so I got 240 min. talk time for each phone, plus the 180 text and 180 data that each purchased card included.
    It’s 3:15 am now and I’m still so thrilled I can’t sleep so I came here to post this.

  • So aggravating to have to call the 800 # to get promo minutes. I didn’t have the problem last year.

  • I just used promo code 22703 for a 60 minute/TMFL card and received 60 mins + 180mins = 240 mins Yay!!

  • I’m getting ready to buy airtime, and add a promo code (for double minutes flip phone). but nothing shows up when I add any of the promo codes. Does it show up on the page before you page? Or do I have to cross my fingers and hope something gets added? It does say when I’ve picked a code that doesn’t apply

    • hope you better luck than I just had had a balance of60 mins. added a90 min.airtime always get double mins plus promo code 12745 balance should be 300 mins instead it was240 60+90+90+60 equals 300 highly ticked off