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Top Selling Tracfone Smart Phones in 2017

We are going to show you a list of the best Tracfone Smart Phones in the market according to a number of factors that includes the specifications, features, price and the user experience. we can say about service providers that they were quite a problem a few years ago and they used to really disturb their customers by keeping them into severe and unavoidable terms and conditions. Now the trend is getting just another way to more easy and user-friendly environment. Tracfone gives its users an ultimate experience of prepaid accessibility of the very no contract-plan which does not need the customer’s commitment.

Tracfone can monitor the usage of your on-net and off-net minutes and it also gives you the access to choose your options of viewing your consumed minutes and the minutes of service you are left with. it does not come up with any hidden fee or anything like that. Tracfone is indeed a very helpful and a very reliant service for cellular customers who could enjoy it.
Now let us take a look on one of the best Tracfone Smart Phones in the united states market right now:

1- LG Ultimate-2 ( The best Tracfone Ever)

Tracfone LG Ultimate 2
Tracfone LG Ultimate 2 Cell Phone

LG Ultimate is the best ever Tracfone to date, it leads all the Tracfone smart phones available in the united states market-place. This is the only phone which can be given the highest place in the list comparing to others, available to order online and in real world markets. It is indeed the most popular choice of the people around the globe.

It comes with a wide 4.5″ touchscreen, exclusive front and a good rear camera. It has a fast Two Core (DUAL CORE) processor along with a RAM of 1 GB; this phone keeps you in touch with one of many recent apps that are launched by the android system. It has a capacitive of 5-GB internal memory and it is indeed the best ever memory space given by any Tracfone device, you can store your photos, your music files, your documents, your memorable videos and many more things you could ever imagine!

Ultimate-2 comes with a very large and durable and eye -friendly screen which can support much good quality resolutions, user reviews and opinions of the people have been very encouraging and satisfying. Ultimate-2 is indeed the best Tracfone available in the market to this day. You can search and roam for this smart phone in your nearest market place, what if you do not get it right away?
Just go to the online virtual markets like Amazon etc and you can just get this amazing device right in your hands and you can enjoy much more features!

 2- Alcatel Onetouch Icon Pop

Alcatel Onetouch Icon Pop
Alcatel Onetouch Icon Pop Tracfone Phone

Here we have in our list the second best Tracfone phone that you can take a chance with, if Ultimate isn’t there for you, then you have Alcatel Onetouch, we can number its features in details but the biggest feature that it comes with a big and gigantic resolution screen of 5 inches. This Tracfone is popular so much for this very feature it hosts in itself. This phone also comes with a fast quad-core processor.
One GB of RAM, good quality rear and front camera along with some other mutiple options like Wi-Fi Connectivity Global Positioning Satellite and there are many other features that you can get with Alcatel One touch. The Icon Pop can be rated as a quite and an expensive android smart phone.
One of the biggest flaws and set-backs of this phone is that it comes with quite a small built-in memory of merely 2-GBs.
Alcatel is available on Amazon for a mere price of 120 Dollars.

3- Tracfone Moto E

Tracfone Moto E
Tracfone Moto E Android Cell Phone

This phone is one of those phones that Tracfone released along with other three smart phones in the Second Generation technology. It has a newer operating system which quite equipped with the modern technology and many other features that are significant in this era of digital world.
It has a considerable 4.3 inches touch screen, Android technology of 4.4 versions has been used in it. It has a good quality camera of about 5 Megapixels and it can take some good quality pictures of the moments you really want to live and capture.
Moto E can be regarded as the cheapest Tracfone smart phone, and you can shop it for merely 79 Dollars or less, depending upon your luck and bargaining.
The main set back of this phone is that it does not have any face-camera or more precisely the front camera, so you will not be able to get the selfies of your beautiful and charming face and front body.
Moto E has a good battery and it can last for a considerable time of a one working day or more.

4- Tracfone LG Optimus Dynamic II

Tracfone LG Optimus Dynamic 2
Tracfone LG Optimus Dynamic 2 Cell Phone

This phone was shortly released after the release of the above given smart phones and it just came up with some good and decent features and specifications. It came as a heir to the original LG Optimus Dynamic, and became very popular between the Tracfone users.
LG Optimus came up with a smaller screen of about 3.8 inches and it featured in itself a former version of android 4.1 up till now it is a very good Tracfone Phone and it is indeed a decent phone.
This phone is available in the virtual market for merely fifty dollars.

5- Tracfone ZTE Valet

Tracfone ZTE Valet
ZTE Valet Tracfone Phone

ZTE Valet is at number five in our list of the best Tracfone Smart Phones of the year so far, it is a bit more better version of the Samsung Galaxy Centura , it has a number of worth-mentioning features and it has a good reputation in the market as well.
Valet has android 4.1 operating system, it has triple minutes for life, global positioning satellite and wi-fi connectivity, It comes up with a reliant 4 GB micro SD storage card which can keep your data safe and sound.

The biggest draw-back of this phone we can enlist is that it has a less efficient connectivity system and it’s reception of the wi-fi signal is quite medium according to number of users.
It is quite a cheap phone with a price of merely 20-Dollars and can be found easily without any hindrance and obstruction.
Valet is indeed not the very best phone, but we are sure it’s a good option if you don’t have any of the above four Tracfone smart phones.