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How to Activate or Reactivate Tracfone Phone

Learn how to How to Activate Or Reactivate your Tracfone Phone
Activate Or Reactivate a Tracfone Phone

In this article we are going to answer a very important question for new Tracfone users, which is how to activate or Reactivate a Tracfone Phone. You will need to know how to reactivate your phone in case you have left it for quite a while until it’s expired “deactivated” to reactivate again you need to follow simple steps as we are going to show you as clearly as possible. note that any further inquires you may have share it with us by a comment to this article.


Lets start with an example of some one needed to join a┬ámobile phone carrier without any contracts and for a suitable price, that someone decided to go for Tracfone the most popular choice in the united states. After he purchased a Tracfone phone he needed to activate the service so what he have to do? first step is opening the Tracfone website and select “Activate Phone” then you will find four options.

If you have a new mobile phone and want to activate it just like the example, choose “Activate my Tracfone with a new number or reactivate my Tracfone” after doing so follow any further instruction that may show up.

After you enter the required info apply for activation to go to the last step the overview, it would take a while until your request have been reviewed and be accepted. note that the programming information is forwarded by Tracfone to the local wireless carrier in order to activate your mobile phone no need to all any local wireless carriers to check on your activation and of course if you have any further questions contact Tracfone’s Customer Care Center.

How long does it take?

In most areas your service will be active immediately and don’t worry if it took longer its normally that in specific areas it could take up to 24 hours, for those who wants to reactivate after this step you have to add air time if the service end date has expired and you should know that if you found any of these notifies on your phone “SIM card registration failed/Unregistered SIM” or “No Service” it means that your phone is not activated yet.

How to make sure?

In order to know if your Tracfone is activated or no you will have to make two test calls so to make your first test call it’s required that you make it within your local calling area and make sure that your Tracfone doesn’t display ROAM or ROAMING then call your Tracfone phone from a landline telephone such as your home phone or pay phone if you found out that your Tracfone phone rings it means that it is active and ready to use note that if you answered the call it’s like any normal phone call and it will cost you.

To make the second test phone call from your Tracfone phone dial your landline telephone you should know that the minutes will be deducted for this call so its recommended to end the call quickly and if you found that the phone does not ring it then you shouldn’t make any additional calls because it will cost you.

Wait a little longer?

When you make the activation call to your Tracfone and you found out it doesn’t ringing and you receive a recorded message instead then you should wait an additional 24 hours before you try the test call again if you waited more than 24 hours and the phone doesn’t activated yet then call Tracfone customer care service from any other phone and describe your problem in details.


When you activate your phone for the first time you will receive 10 free minutes and 60 days of active service, activate it on Tracfone website in order to get an additional free 10 minutes, note that you can activate your phone in a different ZIP code as long as your phone technology is compatible with the area, you can change your wireless phone number up to 4 times per year to do so contact the customer care center.

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