How To Save Tracfone Minutes

How To Save Tracfone Minutes
How To Save Tracfone Minutes

Many tips help you to save Tracfone minutes

Have you ever wondered how your Tracfone minutes finished quickly although you expected this minutes will last longer? the answer is simple that depends on many factors so discovering how to save your minutes the first factor is always use Tracfone promo codes after purchasing any minutes card choose the best promo code available for it then apply it to get more extra minutes, the most popular bonus minutes value the promo codes provide is 10,20,40 and 250 an important point with 400 minutes 1 year Tracfone cards there is many high value promo codes 250 bonus minutes that’s a very good saving opportunity.

There is another method to save minutes purchase a new Tracfone phone with a double or triple minutes deal the double minutes deal providing a big saving opportunity that when apply a 400 minutes card you would get 400 minutes + 400 minutes because of the deal so the total is 800 minutes, there is many Tracfone mobiles with douple minutes deal ans some of them is so cheap about $10 only, there is a triple minutes deal with some phones provide a huge chance of saving money for example some one have a phone with this deal purchased 400 minutes card applied it he got 400 minutes + 800 extra minutes = the total is 1200 minutes.

Third Text messages there is many situations the text message is a better option to contact some one or deliver an information than calling him directly first you should know the text message cost too much less than a phone call so for example there is a group of students making a scientific research and they want to exchange the information they discovered they should use text message better than the phone call because there is a possibility if they called each others they may need too much time to exchange the information unlike the text message option is more focused and specific for them.

Fourth The telemarketers calls if you got a call from those you should know that if you answered i there is possibility to spend your Tracfone minutes quickly so before answer a call you should check the number if its similar to 1900 or any strange number.

Fifth You should try not to use your number frequently to sign up for websites online or for post a reply or give it to a store asked for it as a subscripe for example to get the new promotions and latest offers unless its required because publishing your phone number online increasing the possibility to get more telemarketer’s calls.