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How to start with Tracfone

Get started with Tracfone
How to start with Tracfone

We all had to start somewhere learning about all sort of stuff, even for the most simplest things. in our case today we are going to show you how to start with Tracfone step by step, This article meant for the new customers. However if you are one of the current Tracfone customers and wanted to purchase a new phone and forgot some information.. needing a refresher.. this information would be helpful for you.

Choose a Phone!

So we are going to start with the first step which is choosing your phone, you have many different options from the various famous cell phone brands such as Samsung, LG, etc. but here the question is where you should make your search, how you should be getting to know your options? it’s pretty simple you can go to the nearest store that offers Tracfone products and check there for yourself of course that could take sometime and some effort but some people still prefer it, and your second option you can check Tracfone cell phones online on whether on Tracfone official website or on other online stores such as Amazon, etc.

When you choose to get your phone online it can save you some money because sometimes Tracfone offers exclusive discounts on it’s online phones that it offers on it’s website, you may as well have the opportunity to enter a promotional code if you have any.

Receiving your Package

After you receive your package and opening it you will find an activation card inside, follow the instructions there in order to activate your cell phone, you can also activate it online through Tracfone website or just calling the customer service center. we would recommend you to activate it online it’s pretty easy as you going to experience if you went for it.


The next step is adding Airtime to maintain your service active over time you will need to add an Airtime card or just join one of the no contract Tracfone monthly plans. you can get your Tracfone Airtime card online or by visiting one of Tracfone retailers or just calling the customer care service. of course the most simple and fast way to do it is online.

There is also another point you should be aware of that Tracfone offers monthly discounts and coupons, for Airtime cards usersĀ  in order to get bonus minutes pick a promo code from Tracfone promo codes and apply it.

If you have anything else to add leave a comment and of course don’t forget to share the article with your friends or whoever new to Tracfone.