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Smart Phone’s Solar Chargers: Advantages

It goes without saying that smart phones are very known to everybody especially theses days, as we are in the world of new technologies. Smart phones are just mobile phones with more advanced features. They have limitless benefits and advantages, but not many people yet know that they can rely on solar chargers to power up their phones in remote locations, during power shortages or during emergencies.

How many times your cell phone ran out of battery while you were in a remote area?

Portable solar charging

Solar Panels Unfolded on a Bag

While many people would argue that power banks might be a good alternative to solar chargers, it still has its limits. For example, if you were camping in a remote location and lost your way there, you can only rely on power banks to a certain limit. Once it runs out of electricity, you have no way to recharge your phone. On the other hand, if you have a solar charger you would be able to recharge your phone whenever you want using solar power which is free and considered as a renewable power source.

Imagine carrying a bag where solar panels are unfolded on it and charging your cell phone as you walk! That’s what these products are offering. An opportunity to recharge your phone anywhere at no cost.

What are solar chargers?

Solar chargers are regarded as an alternative to conventional electrical cell phone chargers. It is remarkable that solar panels are used by them to charge cell phone batteries. They do not have just one shape; these chargers of smart phones come in different shapes and configurations including folding (Goal Zero, Endless Sun Solar) and rotating types (Solio). Solar chargers are generally portable, and they obtain energy from the sun only. They can be installed in public places such as streets, parks, deserted areas and aboard ships.

Solar panel technology has become eminent in a short period of time because of its unique features. Using solar battery chargers is becoming increasingly popular. These solar chargers are worth the extra cost depends on your lifestyle.

Almost all solar chargers are compatible with today’s smartphones in both realms: Android and ios.

Benefits of Solar Chargers

Solar Charger for smartphones

A heavy duty solar panel

Here are the top benefits of owning a solar charger:

1. Mobility

One of the main advantages of solar chargers is portability. It can be carried and used anywhere. Which makes it extremely useful in certain situations to charge your smart phone.

You can take a solar charger with you while you are spending your vacation far from home, exploring wilderness, camping, sailing or working in remote areas.

2. Reliability

Solar panels in general are highly reliable and it can remain operational for decades. Choosing high quality solar chargers is essential and we recommend buying it from reputable brands.

There are some slight differences between products. While some smartphone’s solar chargers are protected against dust and rain, others are vulnerable. Therefore, we recommend checking the product specifications carefully while considering reliability and durability in mind.

3. Save some money

Charge Your Devices for Free!

Another major advantage of solar chargers is that it can be used for charging without having to pay an extra cash for electricity. There’s no doubt that electricity bells are a constant cause of headache for most of us, using solar chargers for your smartphones and electronic devices can minimize the cost to a certain degree.

Although electronic devices does not consume much electricity compared to other devices such as fridges and washing machines, its still a contributing factor to your bill.

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4. A survival gadget

It can be a life saver in certain situations, such as being isolated in the middle of a remote area. Also, it’s extremely useful for people who enjoy wandering in the wilderness.

It might as well become handy if you are encountering power shortages frequently.

5. Protect the environment

Most powerplants around the world cause great harm to the environment in many direct and indirect ways. Relying on solar chargers can be a good step towards protecting the environment.

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