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Test Tracfone Promo Codes

Test Tracfone Promo Codes

How to Test Tracfone Promo Codes

There is a useful way to test Tracfone promo codes and check them to discover they work fine or expired for example there is a person just purchased a new Tracfone minutes card and he want to add it with the bonus minutes when he entered the card then the promo code then he applied it through his phone the card value added but the bonus minutes from the promo code didn’t added because its expired so there was only one try for him to test the promo code the other method to check them by adding the promo codes online through the official Tracfone website officially they provide only 3 promo codes tests first open the website then choose add airtime this menu include 4 choices:

1. Buy online
2. Buy airtime from phone
3. Add card online
4. Add from your phone

Then choose Add card online then add your card pin then your phone number or serial number IMEI then enter the promo code and apply it if there is any problem with this promo code there is a pop up supposed to display information about the problem details if the promo code expired there is another 2 tries available on the third try if the promo code is expired too the card pin is supposed to processed and add the card value without any bonus minutes so don’t waste your Tracfone promo codes tests and make sure they are still available and didn’t expired yet.
There is a special method to get another try or two to test the promo codes by ending the transaction before applying the third promo code.

Always check Tracfone promo codes before the purchase or adding minutes cards and choose the most suitable promo codes value for you from there.
Don’t forget to share your experience with each promo code you tested or used by post a reply.


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