Tracfone 1000 Minutes Card

Tracfone 1000 minutes card
Tracfone 1000 minutes card

Tracfone 1000 minutes card

There is many Tracfone users know about the normal minutes cards and packages but who knows about this exclusive offers that appeared recently so get ready to discover a new way to save your money and get more and more minutes for cheap price!

There is an exclusive Tracfone card available only online through Tracfone website this very exclusive offer provide a huge number of minutes and for this card 1000 Tracfone minutes card it provide 1000 minutes and 365 days of service so this super saver card is very very suitable for the business men and who use the phone for calls too frequently this the card price is also special only 159.99 dollars and when comparing this price with the 400 minutes card price that is 99.99 dollars it’s clearly the difference between them is 60 dollars so for more 600 minutes you pay 60 minutes and the normal 400 M card add 400 minutes for 99.99 dollars from that there is a huge discount on the exclusive offer.

For who is wondering why Tracfone only provide this card online i think the answer is that’s because they want earn money from their online website when you order any additional service such as Tracfone cards,services and even mobile phones and that’s save a lot of efforts for the company imagine instead of distribute this different products among too many number of retailers Tracfone sell this products online that would save money, there is another benefit too for customers that is saving time by getting the card information online quickly.

How to order Tracfone 1000 minutes card

Tracfone 1000 minutes card order online

Share what do you think of this Tracfone card is it really worth it’s price or not and if you purchased it do you tried to add a lower value card such as 400 minutes card and 60 minutes cards promo codes and if you did the promo code worked or no.