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Tracfone Alcatel Pixi GLITZ Android Phone

Tracfone Alcatel Pixi GLITZ Android Phone

Tracfone Alcatel Pixi GLITZ Black

Today we are going to review on of the most favorite Tracfone Android based phones that’s been released recently which is Alcatel Onetouch Pixi GLITZ, at the beginning we are going to discuss the overall design of the phone then we will discuss it’s specifications in depth, so let’s get started.

For starter it’s available in black color and describing it from it’s look it really might not be that really fancy stylish phone due to it’s big plastic frame and old classic version of Android but it’s enough to serve it’s purpose for getting in touch with others and downloading basic apps. On the bottom side in front of the phone you will notice the presence of three big keys you can use it to get more direct control with the phone. So it doesn’t only consist of the touch screen as the only way to interact with the phone, there are these three buttons.

And about the Tracfone Alacatel Onetouch Pixi GLITZ technical specification it includes a really good processor which is Dual-core with speed up to 1.3GHz, to be honest it wouldn’t be much if you loves gaming but for social apps and basic games it would be quite enough. The RAM is 512 which is pretty low and mostly would only support couple of apps depending on the app of course, so you should be wise as you could to download worthy apps.

Talking of the network specifications and quality it supports up to 3.5G HSDPA+ data speed for fast web browsing and downloading, The touch screen is 3.47 inches TFT display.

The main advantage here is the relatively good internal memory which is 4GB  plus supporting microSD memory cards, so you would have a good storage space on the phone.

The disadvantage that you should be aware of is the low performance camera of 2.0MP which will give you low quality pictures so if you love talking picture using your smart phone you should look for another Tracfone phone but if you are just going to use it for basic stuff then it wouldn’t be a main issue for you.

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