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Tracfone Customer Service – 5 Ways To Contact Them

Most of us have experienced an issue one way or the other with Tracfone Service, Mobile Phones, offers and promo codes. Although, We might not have been fully aware of all the options we had to contact Tracfone Customer Service.

Tracfone Customer Service
Contact Tracfone Customer Service

In this article, we are going to outline all the available options to contact Tracfone Customer Service.

Before we begin, we have to bring your attention to scam and misleading practices regarding this matter. In case you have searched for Tracfone Customer Service, you might have came across some websites that offers the option to have a live chat with an agent regarding your issue for an amount of money. These websites are 100% scam aiming only to trick you. The agent you are going to talk to is no more than a normal person who have read some information about Tracfone Which is available for anyone to read.

Although that kind of services might offer you some information, They cannot access your account options or make any changes from their part.

So, we encourage you to avoid these misleading services.

The options to contact Tracfone customer service that we are going to show you below, are based only on official sources. So you can feel safe depending on it at any time.

1- Making a Phone Call To Tracfone Customer Service

You can always contact Tracfone customer service on their number which is:

1-800-867-7183. Although, It could be time consuming, it will get the job done eventually.

Tracfone Customer Service Centers which receives your phone calls are openĀ from 8 AM to 11:45 PM (EST) 7 days a week.

You should expect that you might have to wait on hold for a long period of time for an agent to respond. That is totally depending on which time you are calling them on. In order, to have a less waiting time next time you call them, we encourage you to choose an hour of the day which you expect less people would be contacting them at.

Also, remember to outline your issue before you call them clearly, in order to save your and the agent’s time.

2- Contact Tracfone Support through their app

You can always contact Tracfone Customer Service using the chat tab through their app. whether you are on the Android or IOS camp here are the links to it on both official stores. AndroidIOS.

3- Online Chat With a Real Tracfone Agent

Contact a Tracfone Customer Service Support agent online through their official website: tracfone.com

4- Use The Traditional Mail Method

Although, we do not recommend this option especially if you are looking to get in contact with an agent as soon as possible because obviously it would take days to get a respond from them, but it could be useful sometimes.

Here are the Tracfone’s address:

TracFone Wireless, Inc.
Attention: Executive Resolution Department
9700 N.W. 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178

For California residents only:

(PUC) number for TRACFONE Wireless, Inc.: U-4231
California Public Utilities Commission
Consumer Affairs Branch
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone Number: 1-800-649-7570* or TDD 1-800-229-6846

5 – Contact Tracfone Support on Facebook

Yes, You heard it right! You can also contact Tracfone Customer Service on their Facebook Page. To be more accurate on their Page’s Support tab. Here are the direct link to it Tracfone Support.

Have your issue been resolved? Do you want to share any other method to contact Tracfone Customer Service? Feel free to leave a comment below.