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Tracfone LG Power (L22CC) Review

Tracfone LG Power

Tracfone LG Power (L22CC) front side.

The LG Company has come a long way since it launched its first Smartphone that was not much appreciated by the people. Now, the LG company has started launching phones that not only attract the customers towards them because of their attractive built but also help the company rising its per year revenue. The Tracfone LG Power L22CC phone has been launched by the company in just recently and it is being believed to have helped company regaining its position in the market. For the last few years, the market value of the phones having the label of LG on them couldn’t get much attention of the customers. However, as the company has redefined its strategies, people have also started finding its phones to be a give option to look forward to. Just like every phone, Tracfone LG Power L22CC also has some amazing qualities and some not so good features in it. This review will let you know the real face of the phone and would help you in making the final decision that whether you should opt for this product or not!

The design

The Tracfone LG Power L22CC is made up of metal as well as aluminum. The gorgeous design has been popular among the customers and most of the people buy it due to its stunning outlook. The design of the gadget makes it look like one of the luxury handsets that are available to the people at a very high cost.


The camera of the phone comes with 5 mega pixels which is pretty good considering the price that once has to pay for this phone. The outdoor shots of the phone are good enough. Extra features of editing also help the user making the pictures appear better than before.


Samsung has raise the bar when it comes to the size of the people and now customers have started liking phones that come with large screens. They are able to witness movies in a better manner when the screen that they watch them on are huge and the pixels are marvelous. The display of the phone, which is 4.5″ , makes it easier for the customer to watch movies as well as music videos in it.


The performance of the phone is also satisfactory as it comes with a RAM of 2GB and the Android 5.0.1 Lolipop software make it even more sought-after. Android users always have the facility to download as many applications as they want to. The internal memory of 8 GB provides a great amount of space to the phone in order to save the applications plus other media items such as music, pictures and videos.


The only issue that the company is facing with the launch of the Tracfone LG Power L22CC is the fact that the company cannot go any further and trying to come up with something new and different that would help the customers being proud of this phone. This has now started affecting the customers as they are looking for something huge in the LG handsets. The competition has been soared up by companies like apple and Samsung as they have come up with new and amazing features with every new phone. On the other hand, the LG company seems to lack behind as the feature its phones come up with are the ones that are outdated now.  Just like the previous phones, the Promo Codes for this phone are also not available that further reduce the level of satisfaction one feels after using it.

The Verdict

It  is a serious android cell phone with a sleek and interesting metal casing and look. It has undoubtedly some great technical features but it lacks the technical advancements of its rivals. Tracfone LG Power L22CC is 3G enabled, plays music efficiently, carry built in games, has wifi connectivity feature, good built in web browsers, standard digital FM radio, blue tooth connectivity, phone camera, superb internet connectivity, built in with social media, sound and audio recording, alarm clock and a sexy stylish metal body.

It is also has inherent LG flaws which would not feel substantial especially when a phone is more of a carrying thing for you.

We recommend this phone for anyone with do not want to own the very best in the class. Considering the pr ice difference this phone has with similar phones of its class, we will not say a total NO NO to it.

Keeping in mind all the above features of the phone, the handset turns out to be quite an impressive gadget keeping in mind the little amount of money one needs to spend on it.

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