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Tracfone Promo Codes – 100% Extra Minutes in February 2020

Get Free Minutes, Exclusive Offers and Special Deals with Tracfone Promo Codes! All promotions are updated occasionally and verified by our team.  No requirements or subscription needed.

Tracfone promo codes

All Tracfone Promo Codes are Verified, Tested and Updated Regularly.

In case any of the promo codes didn’t work as it should, kindly share your feedback with us by commenting on this article. It is truly helpful and useful, because it brings our attention to the issue and it is also considered great help to the other customers.

We include promo codes for classic cell phones, smart phones, data plans and special offers such as free shipping and huge discounts on TracFone phones and bundles.

One of the greatest advantages of TracFone as one of the biggest wireless carriers in the country is it’s prepaid options that requires no commitments nor contracts.

If you are considering to join TracFone and still have not bought a TracFone cell phone yet, then we recommend you to take a look at the available offers.

To get free minutes, make sure that you apply the right promo code while you are purchasing or adding a TracFone air time card. You can apply it through Tracfone’s official website, App or simply by contacting the customer service central at 1-800-867-7183. If you have experienced any problem by the way whether it is related to the promotion itself or the service you can contact them as well on the same number.

Don’t Forget to bookmark this page, share it with your beloved friends and post your feedback in the comments section.

TracFone Promo Codes

Here are all the latest Tracfone Promo Codes for this month “All Coupons Are Valid until the end of this month, unless else is specified“:

For 60 Minutes Air-Time Cards

  • 12745 – Get 60 bonus minutes when you apply this coupon. A verified Tracfone Promo code. [Valid]
  • 50808 – Receive 20 minutes when you apply it. Suggested if the other code didn’t work.
  • 74261 – Get 60 extra minutes with this promo code. Works on certain phones.
  • 55698 – Receive 20 bonus minutes when you apply this promo. Available in February 2020.

For 120  Minutes Air-Time Cards

  • 74316 – Receive 60 free minutes when you enter this promo. [Works in some cases]
  • 90595 – Get 20 extra minutes when you apply it.
  • 24770 – Get 30 extra minutes when you apply it. Valid in January , 2020. [Expired]
  • 64325 – Add 30 extra minutes to your balance for free. Valid until September 30, 2019. [Expired]
  • 42550 – Get 40 bonus minutes when you apply it. Valid until September 4, 2019 [Expired]
  • 74261 – This code will add 20 bonus minutes to your balance. [Expired]
  • 73677 – It will give you an additional 40 bonus minutes. [Expired]

For 200 Minutes Air-Time Cards

  • 74316 – An outstanding promo code from Tracfone! It would give you 60 bonus minutes. [Works in some cases]
  • 21675 – Receive 40 extra minutes when you enter this promo code.
  • 49430 – Get 40 bonus minutes for free when you apply it. Valid in January , 2020. [Expired]
  • 31315 – Add 40 extra minutes to your balance when you apply this promo code. Available until September 30, 2019.
  • 15375 – Get 50 bonus minutes when you enter it. Available until September 4, 2019.
  • 17441 – You would get 50 bonus minutes when you enter this one. [Expired]

For 400 Minutes Air-Time Cards

  • 16756 – Add 300 minutes to your balance for free with this amazing promo code from Tracfone.
  • 76961 – $15 discount when you add this promo code during check out. [Valid Online Only]
  • 99918 – Get 300 bonus minutes added to your balance when you apply this promo code. Available until September 30, 2019

For 450 Minutes Air-Time Cards

  • 95176 – Add 50 bonus minutes to your balance. Available in 2020. [Works in some cases]
  • 74316 – Get 60 bonus minutes when you enter this promotional code. [Works in some cases]
  • 47096 – Receive 50 extra minutes when you apply this promo code. Valid until January 3, 2020. [Expired]
  • 86112 – Receive 50 extra minutes for free when you apply this promo code.  Available until September 30, 2019.


Deals & Discounts

  • ERTG15 – Get 15% off any Tracfone phone with a service plan.
  • Tax250 – 25% off all phones for new Tracfone customers.

Tracfone is one of the nation’s biggest cell phone network providers with over 90,000 retailers nation wide. They have lots of advantages when compared with other networks. TracFone requires no obligations, a contract or a credit card. In addition, TracFone customers can take advantage of the promotions and amazing monthly offers.

Can Tracfone bonus minutes be doubled or tripled?

Unfortunately, It cannot be either doubled or tripled. Only the airtime card value can be multiplied depending on your plan.

Can I use Tracfone Promo Codes more than once?

Only one Promo Code can be used with an airtime card. However, you can always use the same promo code with your new airtime cards.

Are there any Tracfone Promo Codes for Smartphones?

The short answer is yes. In fact, there are many amazing promo codes that gets released every month for smartphones. Free bonus minutes, extra data and text messages.

Can I just extend my Tracfone Service?

Definitely, You can do so by either buying a regular airtime card (service days are outlined in every card) or you can simply purchase a special card to extend your service without buying any additional minutes or data. It is available on Tracfone Official website.


  • Some folks are reporting 99619 gives 1-year service extension with 120 minute card ONLY.
    74316 adds 60 minutes to a 450 minute card ONLY
    51995 code saves $15 when you buy 400min/1yr card AT TRACFONE WEBSITE ONLY

  • Just used promo code 12745 on a 60 minute card and got 60 bonus minutes ..with my triple minute phone thats 240 minutes for 20 bucks ..super cool ..thanks

  • By the way, the rason I”m ccommenting in the first place was to thank you for this website. I” always had the 1″st code work . I”ve got lots of minutes using this site so thanks and keep”m coming.

  • 79679 is giving out bonus minutes. If u can squeze $1o more bucks u r bettr off going for the 120 min card. 60 min r 20 bucks rite. You get 60 min for $10 buying the 120 min card. I got 420 min for $30

  • I also wanted to share a Promo Code I received in a text from TracFone – Get 40 Bonus Minutes when purchasing 120 minutes with code #96512. Says Offer Ends in One Week…. received it June 1, 2015. But try the code I posted above FIRST for 60 FREE minutes when only purchasing a 60 minute card, #12745!!! But if that doesn’t work, try the second one if you can’t find a better one!

  • Just bought 60 minute card with Promo Code #12745 for 60 FREE MINUTES! So, with double minutes… I got 180 minutes for $19.99!!! Found code somwhere else online which said it expired end of May, BUT today is June 7th and it worked FINE!!!

  • I just used code 12745 with a 60 min card and got 240 min total on my triple min phone in MI. Thank you!

  • I used to search out working promo codes, for various products, quite regularly. Always ending up discouraged and giving up.

    I’d find a site that would have silly rule after silly requirement, and after spending so much time jumping through their hoops I would find that none of their codes were any good. Useless and time consuming.

    I set out tonight in search of a possible, with no expectations what-so-ever.

    Daily Promo is the very first link I clicked and I knew, right off the bat, that I’d just found a very ligitmate site.
    I used code# 12745 with the offer of 60 bonus minutes, and it worked!!!!

    I am amazed!!……First site and first code!!! Fantastic!!
    I will, most certainly be spreading the word.
    Thank You

  • 12745 – New promo offers 60 bonus minutes when you apply it during May 2015.
    Works May 18. Bought 60 got 60 free

  • Just purchased a 60 min code with the 30 free mins using code #52464 in MD (some codes are dependent upon location). The Promo Code #84464 has expired… Thank you for this site!!!

  • 52464 = Bought 60 min card, input this number. Got additional 170 min free! Meaning I got 230 min for the price of 60 min! Kick ass

  • Code 12745 with 60-minute card gives 60 bonus minutes. Worked on 02/14/2015. With double-minutes phone got 180 total minutes. Expires 02/21/2015.

  • I’m trying to use your recommended codes for the first time.
    The 76374 bonus code isn’t working.

    I’m purchasing the new LG Optimus Dynamic™ II $79.99 -450 Min Card

  • For 400 minutes 1 year Tracfone cards
    •8177642 – Enter this promo code to get 300 extra Tracfone minutes.
    worked just fine. Thank you, JH

  • If you add minutes using your phone and enter an invalid promo code, it doesn’t give you a chance to try another one. Always add your minutes using the tracfone website. It tells you if a promo is invalid and lets you enter others until one works.

    In my experience bonus points that are for a lower minute card will work on a higher minute card. For example 20 bonus minutes for a 200 minute card will work on a 450 minute card. The exception is the 400 minute 1 year card. promos for it do NOT work on the 450 minute card.

    Also keep in mind most promo codes can only be used one time on your phone. If it doesn’t accept the code you enter it may not be expired, you might have used it already. It may still work for others. If you get a new phone, try codes you know you used on the old one. They may work again!

    One more thing- I have been told from several sources that promo codes do NOT work on the Android phones.

  • 8177642 worked for 300 bonus minutes with 1 year card. Purchased card on Ebay for $84.99 – $5 Ebay Anniversary bonus and received 1500 minutes for $79.99.

  • 84464 – this promo offers to 30 extra minutes available during October, 2014

    This works and added 230 min including the 60 that I purchased!!!!!!!

    170 free minutes!

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