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Tracfone Promo Codes

For Tracfone users current and new customers we provide this Tracfone Promo Codes after testing it to confirm that it works fine and we also frequently updating it whenever a new change occurred, This promo codes provides a various free minutes value depending on different factors.

Tracfone Promo Codes

Tracfone Promo Codes for October, 2014.

It’s obvious for many users the process of applying promo codes but it’s important to mention it in details in case you are a new customer or you need to make sure that you didn’t miss any part so it’s pretty easy at first you need to choose between many Tracfone phones various brands phones are available such as Samsung, LG and more after you purchase the suitable mobile phone for you open the phone package you received then pick up the activation card and follow the instructions that noted on it, you can activate it online or you can contact the Tracfone customer service this is their number 1-800-867-7183 tell them you just purchased a Tracfone phone and you wanna activate it.

You should always pick the highest Tracfone promo codes value because in many cases there is different promo codes values are available for the same minutes card so if you found two promos for a specific minutes card one of them add 30 free bonus minutes and the other add 60 bonus minutes you of course should pick the highest value one the 60 bonus minutes promo code.

So after you activate your phone you need to add Air time prepaid cards or just join a monthly plan no contract required in order to keep your service active, just open the Tracfone website then log in your account then in the orange main menu choose add air time then buy the minutes card online or just add the minutes card you already have to your balance then enter the promo code and apply it to get free minutes, of course you should make sure that you have picked up an available promo didn’t expired yet.

It’s really important that you bookmark this page in order to find it quickly later and remember always to check this page to be updated with the latest Tracfone promo codes.

Here it is the full list of the latest Tracfone promo codes available and tested for this month October, 2014.

For 60 minutes cards or the higher value cards

  • 84464 - this promo offers to 30 extra minutes available during October, 2014.
  • 59396 – apply it to get 30  bonus minutes, available during this month.
  • 32102 – apply this promo code to get 60 bonus minutes [Expired]
  • 88732 – obviously it provides lower bonus value comparing it to the other one it add 30 bonus minutes [Expired]
  • 40020- this promo also add 30 bonus minutes tested and worked fine [Expired]

For 120 minutes cards

  • 32102 – Apply it to get 60 extra minutes available during October 2014.
  • 17202 – add 30 bonus minutes available this month October, 2014.
  • 36848 – Apply it to get 20 bonus minutes. [September 2014]
  • 88732 – This promo add 30 bonus minutes available during August 2014 [Expired]
  • 32102 – apply this promo to get 60 bonus minutes [Expired]
  • 24265 – This one also add 40 free minutes already been tested and worked fine [Expired]
  • 59632 – available in July 2014 apply it to get 20 bonus minutes [Expired]
  • 70957 – add 30 bonus minutes [Expired]
  • 70093 – provide 20 bonus value it’s lower than the previous promo but just in case it expired sooner [Expired]
  • 32102 – add a really high value 60 bonus minutes available for specific users [Expired]

For 200 minutes Tracfone cards

  • 23154 – Get 40 extra minutes when you apply this promo during October, 2014.
  • 21645 – The same bonus minutes value 40 minutes like the previous one tested available to use.
  • 15085 – New promo add 40 bonus minutes. [September 2014]
  • 10360 – The same bonus value this promo offers 40 extra minutes. [September 2014]
  • 50600 – New from Tracfone released available in August 2014 it add 40 extra minutes [Expired]
  • 24265 – Tested and worked fine added 40 extra minutes [Expired]
  • 90191   –  Add the same bonus value 40 minutes [Expired]
  • 28087 – apply it to get 40 bonus minutes [Expired]
  • 38386 – additional promo code provide 40 bonus minutes too [Expired]

 For 400 minutes 1 year Tracfone cards

  • 88542 – Enter this promo code to get 300 extra Tracfone minutes.
  • 96787 – Apply this new promo code to get 250 extra minutes.
  • 91311 – Add one year card and apply this promo to receive 250 bonus minutes, this offer expires in October 9, 2014.
  • 72235 – Add the same bonus value 250 extra minutes tested and works fine. [Expired]
  • 55539 – it add 250 bonus minutes already been tested [Expired]
  • 37661 – provide 250 bonus minutes [Expired]
  • 75210 – add 250 bonus minutes      [Expired]

Promo codes for 450 minutes cards

  • 93528 – New promo add 50 free Tracfone minutes.
  • 53288 – Apply it to get 50 bonus minutes, tested and works fine expires October 9, 2014.
  • 32313 – apply it to get 50 bonus minutes [Expired]
  • 92862 – enter it to get 50 bonus minutes [Expired]

Bonus minutes for the new enrollment in value plans

  • 18337 – add 10 bonus minutes for 50 minutes Tracfone value plan
  • 18376 – add 10 bonus minutes too just like the previous one for the 50 minutes value plan
  • 15288 – add 20 bonus minutes for 125 minutes Tracfone value plan
  • 20650 – apply it to get 30 bonus minutes for the 200 minutes value plan

Just retested the promo codes they work fine.

New Tracfone Promo Codes: deals list updated and tested are available now, it’s highly recommended to check it before purchasing a new Tracfone phone in order to get a good discount, Triple or double minutes and free shipping offers.

So are you still wondering do i need to use Tracfone promo codes or no? In my opinion if you want to have a phone with wireless service and no need for contracts or bills and no credit check or credit card required, A very large coverage on America that means Tracfone service is available to use in most USA areas and there is another feature call internationally for specific prices available to over 100 international destinations, Tracfone cell phones available at over 90,000 retailers nation wide, there is also very good customer service available to answer your questions.
New feature from Tracfone allows you to get a new phone “not required Tracfone phone” and keep your existing number or just get a new one.

How to save Tracfone minutes

Many customers wondered how their Tracfone minutes ran out so fast there is many reasons actually and understanding this reasons is the key to save minutes.
The most important way to save minutes is using Tracfone promo codes to get free bonus minutes for example you purchased 60 minutes card and applied it you get 60 M the same value but what about a promo provide bonus 30 M applied you get total 90 minutes,
There is promo codes available for 60 to 450 minutes air time Tracfone cards and for the new enrollment in value plans.
The other method to save minutes by getting more bonus to do that get a new phone with double or triple minutes deal so to explain that here is a simple example you a person just purchased a new Tracfone phone with double minutes deal and applied 400 minutes card got 800 minutes in total and the triple minutes deal provide 1200 total for the same example 400 minutes card.
Use Text messages instead of voice calls is a simple way to send a specific info without wasting much time and make sure you know the call you got is paid from the caller or you will pay for it if you respond.

A simple feedback from you about your experience with Tracfone promo codes is important to us just leave a comment and it would be nice to share this promos with your friends.



  1. 55539 did not work on 450 min card in July.

  2. i used 30 min code from 60 min card on 120 min card and it worked

  3. Code 93528 worked on July 11, 2014 to add 50 free minutes to 450 card purchase

  4. The promo code for 60 minute card worked on October 1,2014. Thanks. 84464 = code

  5. 84464 – this promo offers to 30 extra minutes available during October, 2014

    This works and added 230 min including the 60 that I purchased!!!!!!!

    170 free minutes!

  6. 88542 worked for 300 bonus minutes with 1 year card. Purchased card on Ebay for $84.99 – $5 Ebay Anniversary bonus and received 1500 minutes for $79.99.

  7. If you add minutes using your phone and enter an invalid promo code, it doesn’t give you a chance to try another one. Always add your minutes using the tracfone website. It tells you if a promo is invalid and lets you enter others until one works.

    In my experience bonus points that are for a lower minute card will work on a higher minute card. For example 20 bonus minutes for a 200 minute card will work on a 450 minute card. The exception is the 400 minute 1 year card. promos for it do NOT work on the 450 minute card.

    Also keep in mind most promo codes can only be used one time on your phone. If it doesn’t accept the code you enter it may not be expired, you might have used it already. It may still work for others. If you get a new phone, try codes you know you used on the old one. They may work again!

    One more thing- I have been told from several sources that promo codes do NOT work on the Android phones.

  8. For 400 minutes 1 year Tracfone cards
    •88542 – Enter this promo code to get 300 extra Tracfone minutes.
    worked just fine. Thank you, JH

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