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For all Tracfone users current and new customers, we present this special Tracfone Promo Codes for you after testing each one of them in order to confirm that it works fine and to evade any related headaches due to adding false ones. We also updating it frequently as soon as any new change takes place, This promo codes offers a various free minutes value according to different factors.

Tracfone Promo Codes

Tracfone Promo Codes for June 2017. Happy Summer Everyone!

The process of applying promo codes is easy and simple although, it’s important to explain it in details which is proved to be quite helpful. whether you are a new customer or you are eager for knowledge and want to make sure that you don’t miss a thing of the process, here it is your chance to know how.

So the process in fact is pretty easy, at first you need to choose between so many Tracfone phones which are manufactured by various brands which are available currently in the market such as Samsung, LG and ZTE phones. after you purchase the suitable mobile phone for you open the phone package you received after shipping it to your address or even directly purchasing it.

Then pick up the activation card and follow the instructions noted on it, you can activate it online or you can simply contact the Tracfone customer service this is their number 1-800-867-7183 tell them you just purchased a Tracfone phone and you wanna activate it.

You should always pick the highest Tracfone promo codes value card because in many cases there are different promo codes that offers free minutes are available for the same minutes card so, if you found two promos for a specific minutes card one of them add 30 free bonus minutes and the other add 60 bonus minutes you should of course pick the highest value one the 60 bonus minutes promo code.

So after you activate your Tracfone cell phone you need to add Air time prepaid cards or just join a monthly plan no contract required in order to keep your service active, just open the Tracfone website then log in your account. After that in the orange main menu choose add air time then buy the minutes card online or just add the minutes card you already have to your balance then enter the promo code and apply it to get free minutes, of course you should make sure that you have picked up an available promo didn’t expired yet.

It’s quit important to mention that you should bookmark this page in case you needed to get back to it, plus to remember to check for the latest changes in the list so you would have an updated knowledge of the latest Tracfone Promo Codes that has been released and in order to never miss an offer as well.

Here are a full list of the latest Tracfone Promo Codes available and tested for this current month June, 2017.

For 60 minutes cards or the higher value cards

  • 12745 – Still works for some, offers 60 bonus minutes during June 2017.
  • 22703 – Receive 60 bonus minutes when you apply it, Available This June.
  • 55698 – Offers 20 extra minutes works this month!
  • 52464 – Apply it to receive 30 bonus minutes available during this month.

For 120 minutes cards

  • 12745 – Apply it to receive 60 bonus minutes, available for certain phones. (June 2017).
  • 74790 – Get 40 bonus minutes when you apply it during this June.
  • 79679 – Receive 60 bonus minutes when you apply this promo code.
  • 33729 – A new promo offers 20 bonus minutes, Available November 2016.
  • 61475 – Get 30 extra minutes when you apply it, August 2016.
  • 60059 – New promo code that offers 40 bonus minutes, available during May 2016.
  • 17286 – Apply this promo in order to get 30 bonus minutes, works this February.

For 200 minutes Tracfone cards

  • 96336 – Apply this promo in order to receive 50 bonus minutes, Available until June 30, 2017.
  • 34024 – Receive 40 bonus minutes when you add this promo.
  • 79679 – Get 60 extra minutes when you apply this promo.
  • 74316 – Apply this promo in order to get 60 bonus minutes, available during March 2017.
  • 36120 – Get 40 bonus minutes when you enter it before November 1, 2016. Tested and works fine.

 For 400 minutes 1 year Tracfone cards

  • 62118 – Get $15 off when you make an online purchase for the 1 year Air Time card from the Tracfone Website, available until June 31, 2017.
  • 16806 – Tracfone’s Mothers Day Deal! Get 300 bonus minutes when you apply this promo code, Available until May 31, 2017.
  • 99138 – The new promo code for April 2017 offers 250 bonus minutes.
  • 63681 – A New Tracfone Promo Code for this month that will add 250 bonus minutes. Available until April 5, 2017.
  • 66994 – New special promo code for this Halloween get 250 bonus minutes, Available until November 1, 2016.
  • 13044 – Confirmed working until August 2, 2016. offers you 250 free minutes.

Promo codes for 450 minutes cards

  • 97437 – Receive 50 bonus minutes with this promo code during May, 2017.
  • 74316 – Get 60 free minutes after applying that special promo code during April 2017.
  • 17443 – Receive 50 bonus minutes with this promo, Available until April 5, 2017.
  • 59431 – Newly released promo gives you 50 extra minutes. Available until Jan 3, 2017.
  • 83509 – Another promo but the difference it offers a little less value than the other one, it offers 50 bonus minutes and available during this month until May, 2016.

Bonus minutes for the new enrollment in value plans

  • 18337 – add 10 bonus minutes for 50 minutes Tracfone value plan
  • 18376 – add 10 bonus minutes too just like the previous one for the 50 minutes value plan
  • 15288 – add 20 bonus minutes for 125 minutes Tracfone value plan
  • 20650 – apply it to get 30 bonus minutes for the 200 minutes value plan

New Tracfone Promo Codes: deals list for December, 2016. Available now, it’s highly recommended to check it before purchasing a new Tracfone phone in in the Tracfone offers section, get Triple or double minutes and free shipping offers.
In order to monitor your usage and getting more out of your minutes card learn a few new tricks about you should check how to save your Tracfone minutes tutorial step by step.

So are you still wondering do i need to use Tracfone promo codes or not? In my opinion if you want to have a phone with wireless service and no need for contracts or bills and no credit check or credit card required, A very large coverage on America which means an available to use Tracfone service in most USA areas and there is another feature call internationally for specific prices available to over 100 international destinations, Tracfone cell phones available at over 90,000 retailers nation wide, there is also very good customer service available to answer your questions.

A simple feedback from you about your experience with Tracfone promo codes is important to the other users and us just leave a comment below, and it would be great to share these promos with your friends so they can enjoy the free minutes as well.


  • I’m getting ready to buy airtime, and add a promo code (for double minutes flip phone). but nothing shows up when I add any of the promo codes. Does it show up on the page before you page? Or do I have to cross my fingers and hope something gets added? It does say when I’ve picked a code that doesn’t apply

    • hope you better luck than I just had had a balance of60 mins. added a90 min.airtime always get double mins plus promo code 12745 balance should be 300 mins instead it was240 60+90+90+60 equals 300 highly ticked off

  • 60 minute promo code 12745 still works.
    May 1, 2017 date used which gave me a
    total of 240 minutes on my triple minute tracfone.

  • April promo code will not work on the 1 year 400 minute cards. I lost out on 240 minutes.99138 code does not work!!!..I’m mad!!

  • Code 99138 for the 1yr card is actually a $15 discount card. Not a 250 bonus minutes card. Cost me a bunch of confusion and time on the phone to figure it out.

  • I was misled by a Tracfone agent last week when I inquired about buying a new Tracfone, but I wanted to have my current phone number and transfer over 1100 minutes I had. She told me it was no problem and I would still receive the freebies offered on the new LG Rebel 4G LTE phone also. Today, when the phone arrived I contacted an agent to help me get this phone set up with my old number and after he deactivated my account I found out I wasn’t eligible for the minutes and extra days advertised on the LG Rebel 4G LTE phone. Had I been truthfully informed I wouldn’t have ordered this new phone. Very disappointed in Tracfone and feel I was treated very unfairly.

  • when adding the promo code, does it immediately add the extra minutes on the airtime summary before check out? code 12745 didn’t change anything and didn’t show any error, while code 33729 showed an “expired” error.

  • I can’t find any code that works on my LG double minute fliphone–am trying to buy 60 minute card plus a 1 year days only card together. Have tried those listed on your site for 60 minute cards.

  • Promo Code 12745 DID NOT WORK on my double minute tracfone on a 60 minute card on March 3, 2017. I only got the 120 mins, no Extra minutes at all.

    • Hi Mike. I tried this code as well, and it DID NOT WORK. BUMMER! Wish I would have read the comments before I bought the minutes. 😣

  • Promo code 12745 gave 60 bonus minutes added to my triple minutes Tracfone for a total of 240 minutes as of 7:07 AM Tuesday 01-03-17. Thank You Coupon Team.

  • just used 12745 on a 60 min card and 60 min bonus but didn’t get my double min for life. why is that ? This is the 2nd time this has happened

  • 97276 did not work for me I was asked to call and confirm they gave me a reason but
    I could not understand the person speaking on the other end of the phone
    something about I had to have purchased my minutes by debit card ????
    Never had that happen to me before
    I have an LG tracfone with double minutes and I had a one year card

    • Perhaps there has been a confusion between 97276 and 83453, Because the second Tracfone Promo Code requires an online purchase of the 1 year card.
      You should try to examine the order process with the customer service for further details.

  • 12745 gave me 60 extra minutes on Nov. 2
    thank you very much for this site!
    It really helps during this “economic boom”

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