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Tracfone Promo Codes & Deals – February 2018

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Tracfone Promo Codes

All New Tracfone Promo Codes and Special Deals For February 2018. Happy February!

All Tracfone Promo Codes are being added after testing and verifying it. However, In some cases some of these promo codes may be unclear whether they do work for all or not, if that so we would always state it clearly. You, all the customers, Can have a big part in that, with sharing your feedback, you would be making things more accurate.

Whether you have a classic phone or a new smart phone, you will always find a suitable promo code every month here on this page, as we update it frequently and as soon as any changes occurs.

No Cell Phone? No Problem! We offer a wide range of Tracfone deals and discounts on new classic, smart phones and shipping.

P.S. don’t forget to pick a promo as well before applying your new airtime card to get free minutes.

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There are variety of ways to activate your promo code, you can apply it Online through Tracfone official website or Tracfone Official App or simply by contacting the customer service central on 1-800-867-7183. If you have experienced any problem by the way whether it is related to the promotion itself or the service you can contact them as well on the same number.

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Here are all the latest Tracfone Promo Codes for classic and smart phones, including the special deals and discounts for this month February, 2018.

Tracfone Promo Codes For Smart Phones

53629 – Apply it with your $15, $25, $35 Smartphone Tracfone Card to receive 1GB of Data for Free, Available during February 2018.

34313 – A new promo for $25 smartphone tracfone cards offers 100MB of data for free, available through February 2018.

Tracfone Promo Codes For 60 minute air time cards and higher

  • 12745 – Still works for some, offers 60 bonus minutes during February 2018.

Recently Expired

  • 22703 – Receive 60 bonus minutes when you apply it.
  • 55698 – Offers 20 extra minutes works this month!
  • 52464 – Apply it to receive 30 bonus minutes available during this month.

Tracfone Promo Codes For 120 minute air time cards

  • 74634 – Receive 30 bonus minutes when you apply this promo, Available until February 28, 2018.
  • 12745 – Available also for this card, offers 60 bonus minutes when applied.

Recently Expired

  • 74316 – Add this promo in order to get 60 bonus minutes, works during January 2018.
  • 65813 – Get free 40 minutes when you apply it during October 2017.
  • 12745 – Apply it to receive 60 bonus minutes, available for certain phones. (October 2017).

Tracfone Promo Codes For 200 minute air time cards

  • 54623 – New promo code which offers 40 bonus minutes, Available until February 28, 2018.

Recently Expired

  • 48711 – Get 40 bonus minutes after applying it, Available Until January 30, 2018.
  • 66618 – Apply it through January 2018, in order to receive 50 extra minutes.
  • 79679 – Receive 60 bonus minutes when you apply this code for the 200 minutes air time card and higher cards.

Tracfone Promo Codes For 400 minute air time cards

  • 78117 – Get 300 free bonus minutes when you apply this promo during February 2018.
  • 33333 – Get $15 off when you make an online purchase of the 1 year Air Time card from Tracfone Website, available during February 2018.

Recently Expired

  • 17321 – A promo offers 200 bonus minutes when applied, available January 2018.
  • 62118 – Get $15 off during November 2017.
  • 82024 – A special Tracfone promo code for this August, gives 300 bonus minutes.

Tracfone Promo Codes For 450 minute air time cards

  • 68961 – Free 50 bonus minutes, available this February.

Recently Expired

  • 57597 – Another promo code that offers 50 bonus minutes as well.
  • 47791 – Get 50 bonus minutes when you apply this promo code.
  • 85337 – Long Time Since the last promo for this air time card, however, you can apply it to receive 50 bonus minutes during August 2017.

Special Tracfone Offers and Deals

TRACFONE20 – Get 20% OFF Phones And Phones Bundles + Airtime SITEWIDE.

The Offer – Discount on LG Rebel 2 LTE from $59.99 to $39.99 Available until February 18, 2018.

The OfferSpecial Discount on Alcatel POP Icon 2 LTE from $79.99 to $9.99 “Recommended”  Available until February 18, 2018.

The Offer – Samsung Galaxy Luna (s120vl), from $79.99 to $49.99 Expires March 1, 2018.

The Offer – A discount on LG TREASURE LTE refurb, from $44.99 to $29.99 Expires March 2, 2018.

The Offer – Get a discount on ZTE ZFIVE 2, from $59.99 to $29.99 Available until February 28, 2018.

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Tracfone Cost Per Minute of Each Air TIme Card

A Comparison Of The Cost Per Minute of Each Tracfone Air Time Card

In order to monitor your usage and get more out of your minutes card learn a few new tricks with us on how to save your Tracfone minutes tutorial.

Tracfone is one of the nation’s biggest cell phone network providers with over 90,000 retailers nation wide. They have lots of advantages compared with other networks, such as they require no obligations from you as they offer prepaid service, they don’t require a contract which is extremely helpful in many cases, no credit card required as well, and above all they are transparent and offer great Tracfone Promo Codes and deals each month.


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