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Tracfone Wireless

Tracfone Wireless is the largest prepaid Wireless provider in USA that offers prepaid services only, there is many attractive points that attract customers the most important point that Tracfone services is really inexpensive and available without any contract commitment so Tracfone provide talking, text messages and web data services in USA in different offers announced the popular offer is air time prepaid Tracfone cards they are available in different values from 60 minutes to 450 minutes cards so when you apply a valid minutes card you get the card value in minutes with a specific number of service days and for the normal users whose using the service from official Tracfone phone there is an important feature that is really add a good amount of bonus free minutes by applying promo codes online or through your mobile phone make sure that promo codes your are going to enter and apply them they are available and didn’t expired yet, Tracfone also provide another value plans different than minutes cards there is promo codes available for Tracfone value plans too to get bonus tracfone minutes and it’s important to mention that there is another deals provide double or even triple minutes so to describe that for example you bought 400 minutes card applied it through Triple minutes Tracfone mobile phone you get total 1200 minutes. the technology used by Tracfone is CDMA, GSM and TDMA.

Recently in 2013 year Tracfone service was only for the official Tracfone branded handsets that means the handsets was made and pre programmed by the manufacture to be locked and the other unlocked GSM handsets won’t accept the normal Tracfone SIM card until December 2013 Tracfone announced a new offer called Bring your own phone that allows the customers to use Tracfone SIM card in unlocked mobile phones.

Tracfone International

Tracfone International long distance

Tracfone International

The large wireless company Tracfone offers international services including international calling so to do that call you have to call a toll-free number in the united states of America to make the phone calls to a specific telephones that’s for sure doesn’t include cell phones, the telephones that available to call  in more than 50 countries around the world so before make this phone call make sure that the telephone your are going to call it internationally through Tracfone is in a country included in the 50 available to call countries list.  Recently Tracfone released a new offer The international neighbors plan that provide it’s customers to call up to three local telephone numbers in a specific places in Canada and Specific Mexican cities that offer for Tracfone customers in United States Of America at the normal and ordinary rates there is a very important point you should know that Tracfone company logistics are managed by BrightPoint company so this company is a provider of wireless device lifecycle services that focused in wireless devices distribution and in provide customized logistics services to the very large wireless industry in 2011 BrightPoint company revenue reached $5.24 billion with a huge number of employes is 4.000 there is a high percentage of temporary staff in the company it’s activities reached more than 35 countries around the world and at least BrightPoint company handled 112 million wireless device globally also it’s services is not only distribution and product customization there is another services too they provide include Channel development, outsourced services and E-Business.

Tracfone company history
Many asked about the big company Tracfone history how it started? how it grown? and became the company we know today, before long time ago exactly in 1996 the company created and started in Miami, Florida as Topp Telecom company that offers prepaid mobile phone services so after that in February 1999 Telefonos de Mexico offered $57.5 million for 55 percent in interest of the company Topp accepted the offer after that in May 2012 America Movil announced that they has reached an agreement to acquire rival MVNO Simple Mobile the deal completed after days in June 2012 After that Tracfone announced tweaked logo and the new 4 Android phones but applying promotional codes didn’t allowed after adding airtime minutes cards  and there was another change that the web access and text messages prices changed so after this move from Tracfone many customers wasn’t able to add the promo! in the same time the valid tracfone promo codes available to add normally for air time cards.

América Móvil
The Tracfone parent company is América Móvil one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the world it’s headquarter in Mexico City, Mexico. América Móvil is a venture of Carlos Slim that provides services for over 246 million mobile users in 18 countries recently in August 2007 América Móvil acquired %100 of Jamaican mobile operator Oceanic Digital under the brand name MiPhone and on November 15, 2005 the company made an international pact with Vodafone to jointly provide many different international services. in the united states it operates through its subsidiary Tracfone Wireless under the brands Tracfone, Net10 Wireless, Telcel America, Straight Talk and Simple mobile it’s really the most largest Wireless providers in united states of America an important point that América Móvil company was the mobile arm of Telmex until 2001 América Móvil split off and grow to become larger and bigger than the former parent company Telmex  and after analyzing the world map we we conclude that the most América Móvil activity in north and south America.

Straight Talk

Many wondered what’s straight talk what’s this company history? Straight talk is a registered trademark of Tracfone wireless, Inc., non contract phone service offer two monthly plans as an options the first package provide unlimited minutes, unlimited text and picture messaging and unlimited mobile web data and the second package provide unlimited national wide and international minutes, unlimited text messages and unlimited high speed data. no contracts required for both packages and it’s important to mention that Tracfone own this company. recently straight talk provided 4G LTE service that means provide speeds up to 10x faster than 3G!

SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink wireless is a brand under Tracfone Wireless that provide a free cell phone and minutes program the Safelink is a Lifeline supported service, a government benefit program that means only eligible consumers may enroll in Lifeline. this service is non transferable and is limited to one per household the documentation of income or program participation may be required for enrollment These requirements are based on a person’s participation in a state or Federal support programs or by meeting the Income Poverty Guidelines as defined by the U.S. .the Safelink service supported by Tracfone, America’s largest prepaid wireless company, you should remember to keep your mobile phone turned “ON” to receive your minutes automatically, minutes are sent during the first 10 days of the month. If you don’t receive them automatically just contact Safelink support. you should also remember to use your phone at least once every 60 consecutive days if you didn’t do that your benefit will be cancelled because this is a government sponsored program requires Safelink to verify that you are using your benefits. an important point that the Safelink program requires you to verify your eligibility every year to keep receiving your free minutes it’s an important step although it’s very easy because to do that it only takes a few minutes by mobile phone or mail and seconds online it’s naturally that Tracfone air time cards are 100% compatible with your Safelink mobile phone so add a little more airtime to get free minutes.

Telcel America

Telcel America is wireless company a brand under Tracfone Wireless Inc, it offers affordable plans with unlimited calls, text messages and mobile internet access and it’s also include unlimited calls and text messages to Mexico with up to 1000 minutes to call mobile phones in Mexico the service is available without contract so the service monthly price depending on your needs with national coverage in the top high quality networks of the country. its really important to mention that Telcel America offers two no contract plans first the unlimited international long distance plan offer only for 60 dollars a month choose this offer to receive unlimited international calls and text messages for up to thousand places including Mexico landlines with thousand minutes to call the mobile phones in Mexico. the company offers too unlimited talk , text messages and web surfing data nationwide anytime with calls to 411 without any additional charge and an important point that TracFone Wireless, Inc. is using Telcel America with permission from Administradora de Marcas.


SIMPLE Mobile wireless company

SIMPLE Mobile wireless company

Simple mobile is a New Wireless company founded in November 2009 that specializes in prepaid Wireless services it’s headquarters in Irvine, California this company is subsidiary that means it’s parent company is Tracfone Wireless, Inc. Simple mobile has more that two and half million subscribers since it launched this company acquired by Tracfone in June 2012. so what Simple mobile offers? they provide wireless voice, text messages and web surfing services in United States of America. on 16 February 2011 Simple mobile celebrated because they reached one million activation, the company offers many services starting at 25 dollars it also provide an international calling plans, wireless broadband and even service plans only for Blackberry devices. SIMPLE mobile SIM cards and the service plans are available on the official company website and via the local dealers too.

Net10 Wireless

Net10 wireless company provide many services with a very large service coverage in USA at the lowest possible price using the newest mobile phones no contracts required the Net10 products such as mobile phones available in more than 90.000 locations around the country. Net 10 buy minutes and data from the other largest cell phones companies then resell it for the customer.