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6 Impressive Tricks to Boost Your Tracfone Phone Signal

Most of us have experienced at one time poor mobile reception. Here, we are going to discuss the reasons why cell phone signal becomes poor and what should we do to boost it in order to enjoy good phone reception.

Boost your Cell Phone Signal
Learn how to boost your cell phone signal

First of all, there are many reasons that cause weak signal and reception, but these reasons are out of our control. Let’s figure out together these reasons. Some of them are being far away from the radio mast and also the interference which caused by geographical factors such as hills, or living in a basement flat. If you live in a rural place or in the country where you are away from the radio mast, you will probably receive only 2G, but you will never receive 3G. Now, we have realized the reasons why your phone signal is weak, and we will identify how to boost it in the following paragraphs without buying any device, but we will do it in different and creative ways!

1. Boost it right away!

There are many innovative ways and steps to boost your phone signal and the most important is that they are very simple; for example: remove your cell phone from the case or buy a special case. It is supposed that removing the phone from its case improves the signal because most normal cases slightly dampen it. Moreover, putting your phone on a flat surface without the case will enable your cell phone to get a stronger signal.

2. Gadget Tricks

It is claimed that there are special cases that may boost the signal as Pong Case. In addition, these cases have a special design, as well as protecting you from harmful radiations. Beside such cases, there are also other special cases that would enhance your Wi-Fi signal only. Hence, this would be useful if you use Wi-Fi often.

3. Cell Phone Configuration

Disable 3G, it sounds to be a strange idea, but when you turn off 3G, you can actually boost your signal because in the UK at least, there are more and stronger 2G signals available than 3G. Put in your consideration that this way is only good if you just want to make some phone calls and send a few SMS messages, but if you want to make something else such as sending an email, it is not that great. You can also benefit from disabling 3G to make your battery last longer, but in this case you won’t be able to enjoy high speed data.

4. Use a signal booster!

Anther way is to use a signal booster. What is a signal boost? It is typically a small device that you use at home in order to improve and strength your phone signal. Furthermore; it is said that this way is effective.

5. Out of the box

Here, is a strange and crazy way to boost your phone signal, put your cell phone in an empty glass! It seems to be an innovative way! Clearly putting your phone in an empty glass can vastly increase your signal strength. This way is worth to be tried, and you will see the improvement yourself!

There is a way that most of us do without any intention and it is pretty easy; try moving outside or to a window. Do not bother yourself and try to make a phone call from inside buildings or underground because large buildings are not suitable to adequate cell phone signal. In case of being in the street and having reception problems just try walking to the nearest intersection, as there you may find a better coverage and strong signal.

You can make a trick to boost your phone signal, let’s figure out what is this trick? This trick has been used, and it is to put the phone in airport mode and then off again. That resets the mobile connection and in most cases you will get a better connection and strong signal.

6. Apps

Now, everyone knows how to deal with apps, and you can use them to boost your phone signals as there are several applications available on the App-Store which can help you to find the strongest mobile or Wi-Fi signals in your area, based on crowd-sourced data or information provided by the mobile phone companies.