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What is CDMA Tracfone Phones

CDMA Tracfone Phones
What is CDMA Tracfone Phones

First we are going to answer you what does CDMA means in the first place? CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access and it is very-known to be a competing cell phone service technology to GSM ((Groupe Spécial Mobile). but what does that has to do with Tracfone? Well, there are many operators in the United States using that technology including Tracfone, statistically two of the four leading mobile network operators use CDMA.

Where and Which CDMA Tracfone cell phones are available?
As a matter of fact; CDMA Tracfone cell phones are primarily available in areas that are not covered by the usual GSM networks. Tracfone’s service is provided in these areas by Verizon’s or Sprint’s CDMA-based network.

Advantages: “Voice-Activated Dialing”
Every phone has it is own advantages, thus; CDMA Tracfone phones have an advantage. It is presented in offering voice-activated dialing, a feature that appears to be common among this type of phone. However; put in consideration that this feature is now available on many of the GSM phones as well.
Disadvantages “No Roaming”
In accordance with terms and conditions of Tracfone service, there is no roaming with these phones. That is to say; you should stay on the network to which the phone is assigned.

CDMA and Tracfone

CDMA is a secondary technology of Tracfone service, as it may only be used by about 10% of their customers. In relation; CDMA Tracfone carriers include both Verizon and US Cellular. In contrast with GSM, CDMA phones do not require a SIM card. CDMA Tracfone phones store all programming internally. Tracfone still offers their Double Minutes of Life bundle and yet not on as many phones. GSM and CDMA have differentiated even in advertisements offered by Tracfone, as they also do not advertise anywhere near as much as they do on their GSM offerings. That’s because Tracfone does not receive as good a pricing as they do on their GSM phones (with the exception of maybe Verizon as this is one of Tracfones largest carriers). Since Tracfone’s rates are usually higher on CDMA, their grace period is only 15 seconds and their roaming rates are a little higher.

The Top CDMA Phones Offered by Tracfone

As it mentioned above; CDMA cell phones from Tracfone use the CDMA networks of either Verizon or Sprint. While GSM phones are more widely used by Tracfone customers, using a CDMA phone may work better in your area. So, choose a CDMA phone to enjoy a better coverage!

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We are going to cover the three top CDMA cell phones offered by Tracfone. As we know CDMA phones end in a ‘C’, for example; LG 501C, however; these phones are not popular with Tracfone so there are not many phones to choose from. It is probably due to some reasons such as; using CDMA networks costs Tracfone service more than GSM networks. Here, we will list the best three CDMA cell phones.

1- LG 505C

This phone is distinguished by its Sliding QWERTY keyboard and touch screen besides Triple Minutes for Life. In addition; it comes with some other features like voice command, camera, LCD screen and MP3 player, but only a 1.2 MP camera… This phone has been found to be a good phone that is ‘semi-smart’ phone with magnificent battery life and a reasonable price tag. All of this made it ranked in the top of the list.

2- LG 501C

The LG 501C cell phone has a QWERTY keyboard for fast and easy texting. It has a VGA resolution camera rather than a megapixel camera. Along with a music player which is superior.

3- LG 231C and LG 221C 14.99

They are CDMA phones and also flip phone with VGA camera. LG 231C has a Bluetooth capability, as well as; It has the higher M4 HAC rating.

4- Samsung S380C

Surely; this phone uses the CDMA network. As many other phones; This phone has a great full QWERTY keyboard, as well as Triple Minutes for Life and all the other basic features like mobile web, camera, and MP3 player.

5- Samsung R455C

Samsung R455C phone has many features; it comes with a sliding QWERTY keyboard, Triple Minutes for Life and many other great features. This phone uses a CDMA network which makes it as a good choice for areas where Verizon or Sprint networks have good cell service.

6- ZTE Valet Z665C

It seems that some of the new smart phones from Tracfone are CDMA phones. And, “ZTE Valet Z665C” is one of the latest CDMA phones that have been released. It is one of the first prepaid Android phones operated via airtime and data refill cards. The ZTE Valet is one of the first prepaid Android phones operated via airtime and data refill cards.