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ZTE Stratos 5 Tracfone Phone Review

We are going to discuss a new Tracfone phone that has been released recently which is Tracfone ZTE Stratos 5, that comes with tons of cutting edge features, covering all the aspects about it’s Technical specifications, pros, cons and first impressions. At first we have to clarify something that it comes in two models which are Z819L and Z819C and the difference is that “L” stands for LTE and “C” stands for CDMA that means it works with LTE cell towers. LTE coverage is great too and allows high speed for browsing and all related activity.

First Impressions

ZTE Z8191 model which is Tracfone Stratos 5 Phone is a mid-sized Android with rounded edges and a large 5 inch screen. It has a simple three virtual button design with a nice blue minimalist design for the main buttons. Along with the two volumes hard keys on the left and a power/lock button on the right. However, its weight is heavy about 6 ounces, so it does feel a little bit heavy and sturdy when you first begin using it but after a short while you will get used to the weight. The battery is very large and powerful. Its back is smooth and very smart but it leaves the phone exposed to drops if it slips out of the hand. So, put into consideration that you should protect it by a grip case.

ZTE Stratos 5 Tracfone Phone: Purple
ZTE Stratos 5 Purple Version with Gadget


The ZTE Stratos has a very powerful engine under the hood together with a 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor. It means that it will run efficiently and can provide a lot of apps, but consider what you store because you get only 4 Gigs of space and of that, only about 3 is available for use. It also has a magnificent battery, FM radio which requires a headphone to work and the Dolby Digital app that allows you to modify the sound using an equalizer type interface. You also ca get an external SD card to support your pictures, videos, and apps. Other than that, you get a very nice phone with a good price which is affordable for everyone to have. So, do not lose the opportunity to get it!
The battery is considered the most important item at any phone. In Tracfone ZTE Stratos 5, you will get an impressive battery as it represents the best part of it. It has a 2300mAh powerhouse that will give you tons of talk time and standby time.

ZTE Stratos 5 Tracfone Phone: Brown
ZTE Stratos 5 (Tiger Style)

Advantages of Tracfone phones

With prepaid cell phones, you will enjoy a great service that offers you a pleasure that you never had before! While using these phones, there are no commitments, no overage fees, no activation fees, no cancellation fees, and no contracts. So, you free yourself from many unnecessary obligations.

Additionally; with the Tracfone ZTE STRATOS 5 Z819L, You will like its incredible speed. It has a 5 MP camera along with a 2 MP front-facing camera but it is not the best for taking selfies. The great thing is that ZTE Z819L phone also gives you access to over 1,000,000 apps and many more on Google Play. Not to mention its cover; as it is available with a smart cover, that smart phone comes equipped with a superior quad-core processor, and a video recorder that provide you to capture the most splendid moments in your life whenever you are, and wherever you might be.

Pros and Cons of ZTE Z819 Stratos 5 Phone

As any other phone, ZTE Z819 Tracfone Phone has pros and cons. Not to be partial, we will present the pros at first. This phone has many pros such as; long battery Life, availability of the latest Android Version 5.1, it is a durable and strong phone, Quad Core Processor, large screen, powerful battery and affordability for one’s disposal. With respect to the cons; they are few. Representing in low resolution front camera, a heavy weight, low resolution screen and it does not support NFC, Near Field Communication, which means you cannot use pay apps like Google Pay.