Tracfone Alcatel Onetouch A206g

Tracfone Alcatel Onetouch A206g

Alcatel Onetouch A206g Tracfone Cell Phone

There is no denying this fact that, cell phones are a basic necessity of life. They are playing a massive role in building and shaping our lifestyle according to the necessities that the modern world demands. The world is rapidly changing and cell phones are assisting in bringing about that change.

Modern cell phone is no more a mere call making gadget. Instead they are our window to the world, virtual and real. They help us connect with the world. Modern cell phones now come astonishing features (unthinkable just about 20 years back) such as an internet connection, calling, texting, media connectivity, gaming and much more.

What is a Cool Cell Phone all about?

A modern promising cell phone contains a stable processor, latest software, a great interface and a user friendly operating system. Other attributes that add up to the popularity of a cell phone are a high-definition camera, easy downloading and display of music and movies and an extendable add on to the in-built storage. A great number of companies are producing all kind of cell phones as per user demands, price range, preferences and usage. They come in all shapes and sizes but all doesn’t get popular in the market. In fact very few models get even decent amount of success.

Alcatel is a leading name is cell phone manufacturing industry and has launched many successful models. Alcatel Onetouch A206g is one such model which has proved to be immensely popular due to its great features and attractive shape.

What makes Alcatel Onetouch A206g a phone of choice?

The Alcatel Onetouch A206g facilitates an economical outlay of nationwide, long distance or local calling and data roaming. At its relatively inexpensive price, it is a great substitute to a contract phone. A great feature in this phone is balance inquiry display which keeps you informed about how many days of service and minutes remain in your account.

The Carrier:Tracfone device has an empty slot for a SIM card however unluckily it does not provide users with a slot for a Micro SD memory card. The phone boasts GSM/CDMA type network.

The Alcatel Onetouch A206g is a flip type phone, providing you with not only the basics such as calling, texting but also allows Web surfing with a built-in internet browser. With its lightning fast 3G internet speed, it sends pictures clicked from its VGA rear-facing camera.

This device will surpass any past expectation which you had about the performance of a cell phone. Its portable shape and technology, allows it to be conveyed through long or short distances without you even realizing the placement of a cell phone in your pocket.

The Alcatel Onetouch A206g also runs and supports the FM radio and music but the world-wide record breaking sales that the company has received are due to the flip feature of this phone. Absolutely no screen is exposed to damage and it can be placed anywhere due to its protective casing.

With its great capability to capture even weak communication signals, it is a remarkable choice to be used for calling purposes (even though it delivers much more). You cannot get clearer conversations for a low cost phone than this one.

Another superior advantage of this gadget is that, I case of damage, you can simply buy another one and transfer your unused minutes to the new phone. A phone may be lost but your credit would remain safe.

The Alcatel Onetouch A206g is a dependable and authentic phone when you’re out for a walk. It can be used as an emergency phone and presently, having an emergency phone is important. Taking necessary pictures will not only uncover the truth but it will also save lives.


Smart phones can be kept in homes because of their ponderous bodies but The Alcatel Onetouch A206g slides into your pocket and takes minimal space required. As for being a flip phone, it will never “accidentally” call people from your pocket. It has a number of alluring features but it is not obligatory to use this phone for other than the basics.

The rings tones on the phone can be changed along with the wallpaper. The phone’s loud enough, the voice clarity is stupendous and the Alcatel Onetouch A206g is a miraculous and incredible cell fone that will always get your job done.

Alcatel Onetouch A206g Features

The Alcatel Onetouch A206g cell phone consists of the following:-

  • Efficient performance for flipping through menus and more.
  • 77”color TFT display.
  • VGA rear-facing camera.
  • 128 MB internal memory.
  • Listen to your favorite tunes.
  • Single core 611MHz processor.
  • 3G data speed for fast Web browsing and multimedia downloads.
  • Compact screen for viewing pictures and text message.
  • Download videos, music and movies.
  • Provides a small amount of storage space for your contacts and more.
  • Store and play mp3 files on your phone.

Product specification

  • Dimensions

Depth (inch): 0.6

Height (inch): 3.9

Width (inch): 1.9

  • Product overview

Item weight (lbs): 0.181

Cellular network: GSM

  • Package Contents

3.7V lithium-ion battery(850 mAh)

Activation card

Owners manual

  • Style: Flip phone
  • Max talk time(mins): 290
  • Max standby time(hrs): 156



The Last Verdict

The Alcatel Onetouch A206g is an amazing cell phone in its price range with unsurpassed features, design, robustness and technical parameters. No other phone in its class offers such great features. The product is highly popular among users and sold well for the company world over.

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