Foot Locker Coupons

Foot Locker Coupons

Foot Locker Coupons for October, 2014. Available below!

Get your favorite sportswear and footwear from Foot Locker with specific discount when you pick on of those Foot Locker Coupons and apply it, these Coupons frequently updated whenever there is any change happened such as new coupon released or a specific coupon in the list expired so you can always find the latest updated list of foot locker coupons you should also know that we test each coupon and revise it’s details before adding it to the list.

My little review about visiting one of Foot Locker stores in words its a really nice place clean and organized there is a very high chance that you will find what you are looking for there they offer many different collection of shoes and sports apparel for men and women of all ages even they offer a big collection in the same field for kids, there is always an offer gives you the opportunity to save some money.

It’s highly recommended that you always use this coupons when you purchase a new item and check it out before you heading to one of the Foot Locker branches so you make sure that you did not miss any deal or discount available there are two different types of Foot Locker Coupons the first type is the printable coupons you can just print it on paper and take it with you when you go to foot locker, the second type is the online coupons you can use it when you make your order online from the official foot locker website you should always make sure it still available not expired yet so you won’t print it or apply it online for nothing.

There is an important point worth to mention that its possible for some offers to work after they expire despite its a low possibility but its already happened before so we will not just remove the old deals because you may want to give it a try but of course we will mark it so it will be obvious which coupons are expired and which of them is still available so are you ready to check this month coupons list? lets start with the online coupons list first then the printable coupons list
Here it is the full list of the latest Foot Locker Coupons for online use available for this month October, 2014.:

  • LKS14C52Free shipping on all orders over $75, note that exclusions may apply.
  • MB212W37 – This Coupon offers free shipping on orders over $75 too just like the previous one.
  • LKS10AFD – Get 10% off your order if its over $50 available until November 30, 2014.
  • LKS14C5L – Apply this Foot Locker Coupon to get 10% discount on orders over $60, expires October 31, 2014.
  • LKS14C5R – Apply this Foot Locker Coupon to get 15% discount on online orders over $70 available until October 31, 2014.
  • LKS14C5N – A new Foot Locker Coupon offers 17% off orders over $120 available during October, 2014.
  • LKS14C5T – Get 20% off your orders over $200 available during this month expires October 31, 2014.
  • URLFL4CA – Get the same discount rate 10% off orders over $60 available until October 31, 2014.
  • URLFL4CB – This coupon for orders over $100 apply it to get 15% discount available until October 31, 2014.
  • URLFL4CC – Offers 18% off orders over $140 available until October 31, 2014.
  • URLFL4CD – Get 20% off your orders over $200 available until October 31, 2014.

Note that all of these coupons already been tested and works fine, if you want to share any additional thoughts or your own experience on dealing with this coupons in order to benefit the other customers you can post a comment, also it would be nice to share this coupons with your friends so they can enjoy the discounts too.

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