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Today we talk about a new method to get free air time i don’t think there is many of your heard about it yet are you ready to discover it? start saving today by taking advantage of discounts and coupons exclusive to Tracfone customers the method depend on shopping through Trac N to save and earn TracBucks.

For the current Tracfone subscribers you receive a free member ship to Tracfone exclusive savings club, the way to do that is quite easy after deciding what you are going to purchase go to Trac and save page sign in your account then choose between many famous brands after that access shop now to start the purchase and finish it, to get specific TracBucks reward percentage, there is also other rewards beside TracBucks such as discounts and free shipping.

So what is the new here? There is a new reward available you can redeem for free Tracfone Air time minutes, with little effort you can get a good amount of air time for free, for example a person working for a company and he is responsible for printing, this guy want to do it fast and without much effort so he always order from PsPrint, this guy is a Tracfone customer have Tracfone phone and purchasing Air time cards without discount, what he needs to do is going to Trac n save page find PsPrint “note there is search you can use to find your favorite brands” OK now he found it and started shopping and ordered some services and got TracBucks this time and using it for getting free Air time.

Of course always to get bonus free minutes when you purchase air time cards use Tracfone Promo Codes and make sure you picked available promos not the expired ones, because on Tracfone website they offer limited tries to add a promos so if you tried to add an expired one for more than 3 or 4 times you will have no more chance to add a promo to this minutes card of course when you purchase a new one you can try again.

A simple feedback from you is important just describe what do you think about this service is it really worth time and effort or no?

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