Google maps for LG 840G

Google maps for LG 840GGoogle maps one of the most used apps on smart phones this app provide a very simple maps includes a huge quantity of information so if you want to go to a specific bank branch in a strange area and you doesn’t know where is the exact bank location in that situation you should use Google maps to save a lot of effort and get the bank location by using search tools or checking the city maps, Many tracfone LG 840G users wondered how to install Google maps and use it on that mobile the way to do that and the answer is pretty simple just follow the following steps:


First step download Google maps app for LG 840G there is many websites provides it for free.
Second step make sure the app extension is .jar or another java extension.
Third step copy Google maps app to your LG 840G apps folder.
Fourth step open LG 840G then open the apps folder from this phone then open Google maps app by click open on it after this agree the terms and conditions of using the app.
So after following this steps do you have any questions or had any troubles with the app ? if yes describe it reply by a comment in this page.