How to Transfer number to Tracfone

Learn how to Transfer number to Tracfone

How to Transfer number to Tracfone

One of the most popular questions that many Tracfone customers asked about how to transfer number to Tracfone well, its pretty long but easy process so don’t worry get a cup of coffee and lets start.

Keep the same phone number with LNP and switch to Tracfone in order to transfer your old number from the old service provider to Tracfone you will need to contact Tracfone and ask them to port your current telephone number don’t worry Tracfone will process your request as soon as possible, but what about the current service during the process? it will be disconnected automatically and activated with the new provider you already selected.

You should also know that there is no need from you to call your current service provider and ask him to disconnect your service, during the transfer request process you will still be able to make calls on your existing telephone, note that during the porting process you will not be able to receive any calls.

You can transfer from an eligible land line or wireless number to within the local service area that means you can transfer a number between carriers in California but won’t be able to Transfer California number to Arizona but you can’t transfer pager numbers, toll free numbers and special use numbers note that during the porting process they will check your number if its qualified for porting or not.

Get 100 bonus minutes after you transfer your number to Tracfone by purchase one year air time card and add it within 60 days of activating you will get the bonus automatically note that this offer is available for the new Tracfone activations only.

How long exactly this process would take? for the normal transfer from wireless line to Tracfone would take a few hours to complete comparing it to transfer a land line number to Tracfone it will take longer time about two business days or more.

Note that its not allowed to use your old carrier’s phone when you move to Tracfone so you must have a Tracfone phone there is many available to order online with offers such as double minutes and triple minutes when you add any Tracfone minutes card make sure you picked an available Tracfone promo code so you can get bonus minutes.

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