LG Optimus Fuel 34C Tracfone Phone

The new LG Optimus Fuel 34C Tracfone Phone

LG Optimus Fuel 34C Tracfone Phone

It’s one of the latest Tracfone phones released to cover the customers needs for moderate technology LG Optimus Fuel 34C Tracfone Phone with Android OS provides many options and a high stability in this article we are going to talk about the phone in general then the technical specifications then our review.

Lets begin with the general design LG Optimus Fuel 34C has a 3.5 touch screen its not really small in my opinion but if you used to work on big screen mobile phones or phablets its likely that you will consider it small and of course for the people who like reading PDF books on it, the phone available in black color.

Perform more tasks faster than many other Tracfone android phones such as Galaxy Centaura and ZTE Valet that’s because of the more advanced processor than those that already been mentioned, so it the recommendation here is relative if you need just an android phone to just have a smart phone and you won’t depend on it for hard tasks which means operate apps or games that requires a faster processor you should then choose another lower price android Tracfone phone but if you going to need it for multitasking and open heavy apps you should then choose LG Optimus Fuel 34C phone or higher.

The phone storage is good the internal memory is 1.79GB and it comes with a 4GB external memory card, you can replace it with another memory card up to 32GB its recommended that when you install an app to transfer it to the external memory if possible so you can maintain the phone speed because when the internal memory is full the phone will be kinda slow, the phone camera is good its 3MP you can use it to take high quality photos and record high quality videos too and its important to mention the photo quality would be better if you using the camera in a sunny environment.

The phone’s operation system version is Android 4.4 which includes a lot of new modern features and much attractive design than the previous versions of course beside the RAM handling in this version is much better too which offers more effective RAM usage and more speed to handle tasks quicker, the phone also includes a compass and Bluetooth 4.0 and a special feature which is the home button led light color changing when different things occurred such as when some one call you.

Battery is very good you can talk for hours after that when you checking the battery power level you will find it still high and about Transfer the old phone’s minutes to the new one is really simple and quick process it could be done online in about 20 minutes.

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