LG Ultimate 2 (LG 41C) Tracfone phone

LG Ultimate 2 Tracfone Phone

LG Ultimate 2 Tracfone Phone Review

It is one of the newest Tracfone mobile phones that been released recently. Let’s start with LG Ultimate 2 general review. The phone screen is large 4.5 touch screen offers a lot of options for you, speaking from a personal experience having such screen is pretty amazing and don’t worry about if it will fit in your pocket properly 4.5 can fit in most pockets indeed. You will have the opportunity to read on the phone better whether an article or an entire book it’s obvious that this phone is suggested for who likes reading a lot or who wants to watch movies or something like that in a better resolution and clearer visibility.

These days being in touch with your social accounts is getting more important even it’s not only about social stuff it’s about getting the news, exploring scientific articles and much more but spending much time doing so on phones with smaller screens can make you feel not so good so if you do I would recommend to go for a bigger screen phone such as this one LG Ultimate 2. The design is pretty good, the phone available in black color.

The camera is nice 5 MP with a flash it can be enough if you are a normal user unless you want something more professional. You can take selfies! There is a front facing camera 1.3 MP such as most of other phone’s facing cameras its normal of course it’s not so good for that but if you are a selfie geek I would recommend you to get another phone with a better facing camera.

You can get the phone with an amazing Tracfone deal note that this deal can be available for limited time. You will receive triple minutes for life and for who is not familiar with this term it means that if you applied 400 minutes card you will receive 1200 minutes, 1200 texts and 1200 MB of data included note that values already tripled.

The phone processor is 1.2 GHz dual-core beside the ram is 1GB which is really good comparing it with the other Tracfone mobiles so far, the battery life is pretty good too and the home button is color changing LEDs which is amazing.

If you already purchased this phone and want to add your own review post it in details by a comment! It can be helpful for many other users.

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