Motorola Moto E Tracfone phone

Motorola Moto E Tracfone phone

Motorola Moto E Tracfone phone review!

Who of use hasn’t heard about Motorola new smart phones? Recently Tracfone released a series of smart phones including this special one Motorola Moto E briefly I would say it’s a good deal. Can you imagine get a phone with 5 pixels camera and big touch screen for about $100 that’s really good price for middle class smart phones.

The phone have an alternate name XT1022 released in this year 2014. The design in general is similar to the nexus smart phones series design much similar actually available in two colors black and white but for the Tracfone version I think it’s only available in black color, if you don’t like this color I would recommend you to get a case in the color you want whether from accessories section in a store or online, be sure you tried the case size there and made sure it will fit properly.

In case you didn’t find a protective layer for the phone screen you can search for anyone not necessary for your phone but in the same size you can also adjust it with the scissor. About the headphone if you needed more quality sound you can go for any better headphone even the ones for normal computers the standard socket. After working on this phone for some time I think its performance is satisfying for normal use so to get an idea about the phone performance in exact I am going to tell you about its technical specifications.

The screen size is 4.30 inches that’s good for many purposes such as reading books or playing games can you imagine playing a touch game on a smaller screen? It could be hard. The touch type is capacitive and the screen resolution is 540×960 pixels besides the pixels per inch “PPI” is 256. And that could be enough to watch movies in good quality.

Motorola Moto E processor is 1.2 GHz dual-core pretty good provides quick task process which make the phone is capable to run many apps on the Google Play Store. The processor make is Qualcomm Snapdragon 200, the phone RAM is 1GB and internal storage is 4GB you can expand the phone storage with external micro SD for up to 32 GB.

There is somehow disadvantages you must be aware of which is the phone doesn’t have flash with the camera, no front camera, doesn’t support flash in the default browser and does not support NFC.

Sensors included is proximity sensors, accelerometer and ambient light sensor. Android version is 4.4 and it’s a new version with lots of cool features relatively in this time.

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