Samsung Galaxy Centura Tracfone Phone

Samsung Galaxy Centura Tracfone Phone

The new android phone Samsung Galaxy Centura

Tracfone impressed us by its evolve speed in the last couple of years, recently Tracfone started its first steps towards smart phones era so to cover more customers needs they offer this new phone Samsung Galaxy Centura.
The phone OS is android a modified version to be accurate in order to provide a good user experience, there is many apps installed and ready to go most of it is really helpful such as the calendar app you can use it to add reminders of events or things to do there is also the music app, play store, camera, navigation, the default web browser and more.
No contracts or activation fees required note in order to activate it an air time card is required and you should know there is an offer with Samsung Galaxy Centura Tracfone phone triple minutes for life for example you purchased 400 minutes card and applied it to this phone the total minutes value would be added is 1200 minutes and this is a really huge value, Specification details in quite simple way for you to understand, the mobile screen is touch quite small the camera resolution is good 3 mega pixels supports video recording you can access Google play store, access internet through Wi-Fi and it also support GPS.

Disadvantages is android OS version is low and Screen size is small and the Advantages is good performance, cheap and triple minutes offer so before you decide to purchase this mobile phone or not ask your self these questions do you need a larger screen to read PDF books for example? do you need a higher android version? if you don’t need that you should then get this phone its really cheap comparing it to the other phones in range.

Note Samsung Galaxy Centura Tracfone Phone is for use with Tracfone service only so you can change your service on that phone to another company.

We would like to hear your review about this mobile in a comment and of course it would be great if you could share this post with your friends, besides every time you add Tracfone minutes card don’t forget to add Tracfone promo codes to get bonus and extra free minutes.

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