Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Review

This is Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 cell phone
This review about the new amazing phone from Samsung company Samsung galaxy mega 6.3 and this here it is.

First about the design:

For many people when they got a new technical device such as a laptop or cell phone or tablet the first step they do is open the device box then start the features discovering, inside the box there is the Samsung galaxy 6.3 mega new phone it’s size is large comparing it to the other phones sizes so you may found some difficulties when you put it in your pocket you maybe feel you carry another wallet, there is a question is the small size cell phones users would accept and used to this large cell phone size ? and the answer is not the same for all users some of them didn’t mention to the large size as a problem and there is other people didn’t like it there is other people too tried to use it by one hand and they couldn’t because their hands wasn’t big enough to hold the phone and use it, about the design it’s very similar to Samsung galaxy s4 design even in some materials and pieces.


Performance and battery:

During many users was doing a review for this phone they discovered that it works very fast and works very good without delays although it’s specifications is not too advanced

The processor is dual-core 1.7 GHZ

Ram is 1.5 Giga bite

And this specifications is very similar to Samsung Galaxy S3 more than Samsung Galaxy S4

About the battery the phone comes with a huge battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh and this capacity provide a continuously working with internet using and 3G connection and using apps for about 18 hours and that’s a very good quality comparing it with the other cell phones in the market.



The Samsung galaxy mega 6.3 mobile phone comes with android 4.2 with TouchWiz feature, and this system is very similar to Galaxy S4 interface but there is some features doesn’t exist in this cell phone yet such as controlling the website pages by moving your hand, there is a good feature in Samsung galaxy mega 6.3 it’s the entire system is turning to the horizontal position when using the device in horizontal position and this is a very important feature in order to take advantage of the large size of the screen.


Although the camera resolution is 8 Mega pixel it’s performance is good but it doesn’t reached the resolution quality of some other advanced cell phones such as Samsung galaxy S4.


The Samsung galaxy mega 6.3 voice is very high, you may discover that there is a specific position the voice comes out from the phone from it at the back below so if you but your fingers on it you may find the voice become lower.

Samsung galaxy mega 6.3 large and high resolution screen


The phone screen is very beautiful and displays photos, system and the videos in high quality and the screen size is large.


Samsung galaxy mega i9502 phone price about 450 dollar only.

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