Tracfone Coverage

Tracfone Coverage in the U.S.

Tracfone Coverage Nation Wide

Many of you might have wondered about Tracfone coverage area before deciding to dive in Tracfone world, incase you are a having some concerns about Tracfone network coverage in the united states and not sure if you should go for this network or go for other one, you are in the right place! we are going to clear many points about the coverage and even a briefly review of the network performance in real life!

Tracfone one of the most famous communications companies in the united states offers nationwide prepaid wireless service, depending on many of the leading cellular providers locally they created a national footprint that covers about 99% of the U.S. population in order to make sure that the service is always available for you. in the matter of fact you can view your local coverage area through Tracfone website, sometimes it’s really handy to check the coverage while you are planning to Travel somewhere inside the U.S.

So the conclusion is that Trafone network based on couple of other wireless networks such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and others so combining all of those networks in one offers a really big coverage in an efficient and professional way. Also Tracfone supports international calls for a certain price its service in this field is quite good and affordable comparing it to the other networks prices.

In this field in particular Tracfone offers the $10 Global ILD so what is it and how it is work that’s what you are going to find out! You must have a balance added to your phone in order to make the international call clearly. so the first step in the entire process is dialing a specific access number before you dial the international number you have and wanna call note that Tracfone offers a shortcut for this process available only for Android users who can download and install the Tracfone application from the Google play store. in case you can’t find it simply use the Google Play store search and make sure you are installing the official app by checking the developer info.

The deduced balance depending on more than one factor including the destination rate and the call time. the remaining balance on your card shall be remained for the next service cycle, you can always add as many $10 cards as you need! You will be able to dial Tracfone access number as soon as the plan has been added to your phone. the access number is 1-800-706-3839 and in case you are dialing from Hawaii or Alaska you shall dial 305-938-5673. We would recommend you to save this numbers on your phone in case you need it anytime later.

Note that the Globall $10 international card works with any plan so no need to sign up again for any other plans and stuff like that and also you shall remember that the balance expires in 180 days from the last day of use or it will expire after 30 days only in case of inactive service.