Tracfone Easy Exchange Plans

Tracfone Easy Exchange Plans

Deductibles for phones over $100

Who doesn’t seek for the peace of mind don’t worry if you just cracked your Tracfone phone screen or made some damage to it with Tracfone Easy Exchange Plan so lets describe this service with a simple example about a person just purchase an expensive Tracfone phone and he didn’t enroll for the easy exchange plan later after the manufacturer’s warranty expired the phone dropped by accident to the ground which caused some damage to the screen what he have to do now is going to repair it or get another one which this situation could be avoided with Tracfone easy exchange plan simply its like an extended insurance.

Well, Tracfone’s easy exchange plan covering the phone damage whether it’s electrical or mechanical failure caused from normal use so this plan extends your manufacturer’s warranty for an additional year it begins after the normal warranty expire note that for easy exchange plan plus plan begins at the date of purchase.

So how the easy exchange plan and easy exchange plus plan service wroks? the first step you will need to contact Tracfone customer service through a toll free number available 24/7 except christmas day after that if you need to ship your product in for the service you will receive a pre paid shipping label in your email the next business day so you can ship back your damage device note that it’s usually takes some time to repair the device and its of course depending on the device situation note that shipping charges are covered under the plan.

You can purchase easy exchange plan during the first six months of service after these six months it would be not longer available and the easy exchange plus plans are available for purchase for up to 40 days from the date of activation, its really important to mention that easy exchange and easy exchange plus provides coverage in 48 states unfortunately the coverage is not available for those phones activated in Florida and California.

It’s important that you provide you email address when you enroll in an easy exchange plan for two reasons first of them is because you will receive your contract within 24 to 48 business hours from the time you place your order and the second reason because if you ever have a claim you will receive updates that will be sent to your email address make sure that you provide that at the official website.

You should also know that any of easy exchange plans will be renewed automatically except if you have easy exchange plus plan for a BYOP then your plan will not be auto renewed, note that to get one of these plans you will have to contact one of Tracfone’s Tech support on the toll free number which is (877) 637-7829 and tell him which plan you want.

So what do you think about easy exchange plans is it really necessary or no need for it share your opinion within a comment.

  1. Customer service neither bothers to listen to nor try to understand customer question.

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