Tracfone international long distance

Dial more than a hundred destinations outside U.S. with Tracfone International long distance

Tracfone International long distance

One of the most essential features Tracfone provides for is the long distance call service i know many of you might wonder how much this service costs and how it really works i will try to answer all of that questions as simple as possible.

Tracfone long distance service is available on all Tracfone phone models so when its about using this service it doesn’t matter if you have an expensive or cheap Tracfone phone, in order to make a long distance call you need an active Tracfone phone because long distance service is available once you activated your phone simply it doesn’t need a special activation if you have an active Tracfone phone then its available.

You can start calling hundreds of international destinations by dialing 1-800-706-3839

Most of the times the price of the Tracfone long distance call is the same price as a local call, so basically the international calls charges like the local calls charges, the minutes will be deducted as soon as you start making the call accessing Tracfone international long distance service.

As i mentioned above mostly of the times the price is the same and sometimes the double, normally when you make a call it costs one minutes for every minute used but if you have a CDMA phone and are roaming the cost will change to two minutes for every minute used.

Now lets explain how to make an international call through your Tracfone phone, its pretty simple just follow the following steps:
Get your Tracfone phone and dial this number 1-800-706-3839 if you are from Alaska or Hawaii or U.S. Virgin Islands dial this number 305-938-5673 then you need to select your language choose between 1-English 2-Spanish then listen to the recorded instructions note you can skip it to the next step.

Dial 011 + the country code + the city code + the telephone number, for Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, and Dominican Republic dial 1 + the city code + the telephone number, you now have to wait to be connected to the number you are dialing while that don’t press any other key because that may cause a disconnect.

In order to get free minutes remember to always use Tracfone promo codes pick the available ones and apply it.

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