Tracfone LG 800g phone

Tracfone LG 800g phone

Tracfone LG 800g phone review and technical details!

The new LG phone with Tracfone or Safelink wireless service is already been released, for who does not care about the highest tech and only needs a normal phone for just making phone calls and texting it’s one of the best options you have then, and even sometimes for many people who have a high tech tablet that they spent a good money on it and they need another phone for calls just to fit in their pockets and be suitable to put on ears, can you imagine putting a big tablet on your ears and talk to it? If you can and it’s fine to you then you probably need this phone for another purpose.

Anyway let’s get to the technical details, the screen is 240 x 320 pixels resolution as I said it would be enough for making phone calls and stuff like that unless you are planning to read pdf books on it, I would suggest for you a phone with a bigger screen in a similar price range. You can share your media quickly with other devices supports Bluetooth, LG 800g Bluetooth version is 2.1 besides the phone screen supports touch which is really cool comparing it with the other phones in the same range.

Capture your favorite memories with the digital zoom 2 mega pixel camera. LG 800g comes with a wall charger and a guide and it’s important to mention that the phone memory is capable of hold up to 1,000 contacts. The battery is good relatively can work for up to 4 hours on talk time.

Surf the internet with preinstalled browser that allows you to check the news, sports articles even social network websites. The phone in general is good relatively so if you are already purchased it from a shop or online or even already got it with Tracfone network I would suggest to you to use Tracfone promo codes in order to get bonus minutes and freebies you know. It’s really useful and check on the latest deals from time to time so you won’t miss one.

Already have you own special review of LG 800g mobile phone? Feel free to say all the details in a comment so it could be really helpful for others.

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