Tracfone Value Plans

Tracfone Value Plans

Discover Tracfone Value Plans and how to enroll!

Well, the popular way to deal with Tracfone is the different prepaid air time minutes cards but what about Tracfone value plans its obvious that it is not so popular way but its really important to explain every point about it in details in order to help you decide which method is the most suitable for you.

Lets start about explaining what the value plan means the value plan is an automatic service depend on the delivery of a combination of minutes and days of service to your Tracfone account without signing any contracts, you should know that most of the value plans will automatically add minutes and days of service on a monthly cycle beside that with Tracfone service protection plan you will get 30 days of service in case you forgot to make your Tracfone phone active by not adding any Air time cards but of course its not recommended that you wait until reach that level always make sure that your phone is active by adding air time.

To join a value plan you will have to decide which one is suitable at first for sure then note that you will need to meet this requirements:

  • An active Tracfone serial number
  • Email address or user ID
  • Credit card, debit card with a visa or MasterCard logo

You will receive your monthly plan and days of service automatically when you are in your Tracfone local calling area and your Tracfone phone is available “Turned ON” and in case you are outside your Tracfone local calling area for any reason or you Tracfone phone is not ON there is a possibility that you may not receive the value plan minutes or days of service there is an easy method to solve that problem by access your account on Tracfone website online so you can retrieve it.

An important point that all Tracfone phones are qualified to receive the minutes or days of service except specific models that they are Motorola V60, Motorola V120 and NOKIA 5100 you should also know that if you made an attempt to make a new payment and faced a message says declined and found you account status on hold then sign into your account then choose programs tab and choose pay now for the Tracfone that listed as on hold in the account status column then follow any further instruction displayed to you.

There is an option to make an early payment ahead of time just sign in your account and choose payments then make a payment to choose the Tracfone serial number that you want to do so for it then choose continue its pretty simple and quickly can be done, while you are enrolled in a value plan you can purchase minutes in bundles of 50 or 100 minutes whenever you needed to note that this is not available for smartphones not yet any way.

To add a new Tracfone to a family plan you will have to do that at the same time you are enrolling your primary Tracfone or you can add the new sub 3 days before your next payment date note that it is not allowed to pay using your ATM card the allowed payment methods already mentioned note that you can always cancel any additional Tracfone enrollment under your primary Tracfone and if you cancelled your primary Tracfone enrollment that will cause to cancel all the enrollment of all Tracfone’s enrolled in the plan its pretty simple process.

In case you did not receive your minutes or days of service automatically you will need to sign in your account and then choose “Here” next to “you have pending updates” in order to get your updates and about the value plan minutes it can be carried over from month to month beside that the addition of double minutes air time card will result receiving double minutes in any value plan you already enrolled in.

Service days included with your value plans and every plan adds 30 days of service to your Tracfone note that the additional value from minutes bundles does not come with any service days, You can also double your value plan minutes if you added double minutes card to your Tracfone such as the double minute annual plan or double minutes for life.

You can always add air time cards while you are enrolled in a value plan as long as there is no other problems and of course the additional minutes and days of service will be carried over and added to the minutes and days of service you already have note that you will receive the service included with your value plan once your payment account has been successfully charged and the process completed.

In case you wanna cancel your value plan enrollment you will have to log in you account at the Tracfone website and choose value pan then choose cancel you will need to enter your serial number to cancel the service not that there is no termination fees and if you had any troubles or couldn’t to that by your self contact Tracfone customer care center and tell them you want to cancel your enrollment.

There is many Tracfone Promo Codes are available for the all value plans you can use it to get bonus minutes and if you have any additional thoughts you are welcome to share your experience in details within a comment.

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