What is Tracfone Wi-Fi Calling

As a natural result of Tracfone Wireless evolving over the years, we find ourselves in need to know more about that new service. Which in our case it’s Tracfone Wi-Fi Calling, so what is it exactly? we are going to show you in details, just after a small brief in the following lines.

In fact, Internet and new technologies made the world a better and great place to live; also they made it as a small village where everybody can communicate with the others in different places even in variant states. If you are in the Far East, you actually have the ability to talk and communicate with anybody in the far West, it is technology, isn’t it? In addition, using the Internet facilitates many things like money and effort. If you want to say hello and assure yourself about your family, you could think that you should travel to them, but here a simple point of view, what you should do is to use your cell phone with a good network and phone them.

It is self-evident that each country has its own network services and uses certain kind of cell phones. It varies from a country to another.

Tracfone is a cheap prepaid cell phone service carrier in the United States and a few south American Countries, Tracfone offers inexpensive phones and their cards are sold virtually everywhere. It is said that Tracfones are “pay-as-you-go” phones.

Alright, enough with that introduction : D lets get to the point

Tracfone Wi-Fi Calling In Details

It seems a good question to be asked, as Tracfones have many benefits to make use of, and Wi-Fi calling is one of them. Wi-Fi calling is a new service which makes you enjoy some advantages in your life and make it easy for you. This is resulted from its allowance to anyone to make and receive calls; it is not just for that, it provides you with some other services like sending and receiving messages over a wireless internet connection. You can use these features provided which requires your phone to be active, SIM card and a phone that must be Wi-Fi capable, it is a necessity to enable a Wi-Fi calling to your phone (varies according to which Android version you have), and finally you must register an E911 address to your phone.

What shall I do to activate Tracfone Wi-Fi calling? Most people may wonder about this process, and here we are going to tell you. To be able to do this, you need to provide those who are responsible for this service (Tracfone) with an address for your primary use of Wi-Fi, “primary address”. But, what will happen if the location of my primary Wi-Fi usage is changed? It is ok; if the location where you have registered before is changed, either temporarily or permanently, you must register the new address online at e911-reg.tracfone.com or by contacting Tracfone Customer Care. Moreover, to update your address information, it may take twenty four hours or more to update it.

Not to mention that Wi-Fi calling service is not available for you at anytime because it may not be accessible sometimes. Your ability to use the Wi-Fi calling is blocked in case if you do not give them your primary address because it has a high importance, as we can see.

You should take into consideration to be at your primary address when you use Wi-Fi calling, in case, you are away of it while attempting to use it, they will have no information about your location.

How to Enable Tracfone Wi-Fi Calling for Iphone “IOS” Users

Simply follow the steps on the image below

Enable Tracfone WiFi Calling iOS

How to Enable Tracfone Wi-Fi Calling for Android Users

Just by heading to Settings – My device – Call – Wi-Fi Calling then you can turn it on

Enable WiFi Calling Android

How to use Tracfone Wi-Fi Calling Service

  1. First you should have a Tracfone Android phone
  2. Make sure your service is active
  3. Open Tracfone website https://e911-reg.tracfone.com and click enroll
  4. Enter the phone number and the last 4 digits of the phone IMEI
  5. For Byop users  enter the last 4 digits of the SIM number “not the IMEI”
  6. Click “submit”
  7. Enter your primary address details
  8. Enable the Wi-Fi Calling option according to your smart phone operating system type

You probably ask yourself why Tracfone? As we know previously that Tracfone is an America’s #1 National No-Contract Wireless service provider. It provides for its customers many advantages without any obstacles which may bother you while using it. Here, we will offer you some of these impressive advantages that make distinction between Tracfone and other cell phones. There are no contract, Bills, Daily or monthly fees. Some networks only provide local or national calls, unlike Tracfone service which providesnationally, internationally or Roam at local call rates. For the cost, it is a lowest out of pocket cost for both Phone and Service. It is taken for granted that you are not required to have Credit Check or Credit Card.

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In conclusion, Tracfone is a good carrier and it suits everybody at the United States. Not to mention its Wi-Fi calling service which we have discussed above.

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