Transfer phone number from another carrier to Tracfone

how to transfer your old number to Tracfone

Transfer a phone number to Tracfone

I realized that many new customers or returning customers asking about how to move on to Tracfone beside keeping their own old phone number, well its pretty easy you will need to get some information that can be found on your billing statement or by contacting the customer service for your current service provider the information you will need is the following: your account number + your PIN number “password” + your contact information as it is registered with your current carrier.

Note there is some carriers may not require the PIN or Password use if you are not certain your carrier require it or not you should contact this carrier customer care.

In order to complete this process you will need to confirm some Tracfone terms and conditions i am going to simplify it for you, at first in order to transfer your old phone number to Tracfone wireless you must have a Tracfone wireless mobile phone, the number you are porting must be active with your old carrier.

Then one you provide Tracfone with all the required information the number transfer process should take a few hours in order to complete but however there is a possibility it would take up to two business days it also may take longer time for the landline numbers, during this process your current number will work normally.

There is an important point to mention that is when you transfer your home telephone number to Tracfone the home telephone service will be disconnected when the process complete, note that you must keep your Tracfone service active by adding airtime its important to know that when your service does not remain active you will lose your ported number.

Technical point you should be aware of when you add a ZIP code for different area than your calling area Tracfone will be roaming in your local calling area so always make sure you added the right ZIP code.a

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